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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What I Have In Common With Soda...

Who knew after all these years and so much consumption - especially when I was younger, that one day I would have so much in common with soda. 

No, not the carbonated beverage variety - although there are some who would say I have a bubbly personality... ok that was lame. 

And there are others who would say I give them gas... but that's definitely another story. 

The soda I am referring to is SoDA, AKA the Society of Digital Agencies. 

See they recently released their latest version of their Digital Marketing Outlook. You can download the complete report via my good friend Drew McLellan's site

One finding in particular caught my eye...

Actually quite a few findings caught my eye and I plan on writing/blogging about them in the coming future as many directly impact marketers and brands for sure. 

But speaking of writing/blogging... 

Below is the finding in question and this ties in directly with the correlation I have with SoDA for you see the #1 talent/skill those surveyed for this study identified as one with the most increased priority in 2012 was precisely what I do best.

Blog writing,editing and copywriting. 

Did I mention I am currently looking for a job... a job that preferably takes full advantage of the things I do best, such as blog writing, editing and copywriting... along with concept development, brand development, idea generation and a few others. 

But blog writing, editing and copywriting, along with social media, are truly my passions and where I am the strongest. 

To be an effective blog writer you have to be able to engage your readers and hopefully obtain a level of influence and a position of a thought leader. 

I currently blog/write for Forbes, Ad Age, Social Media Today, Marketing Profs, Business2Community, Business Insider and many more.

Not long ago I was named as one of the Top 100 Influencers In Social Media (#41) joining the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Brian Solis and Guy Kawasaki.

And just in case you cannot read what is at the bottom of the chart... 

"The need for strong writers remains at the top of the skill set priority list in order to generate a constant flow of quality content that engages consumers...."

So to all those who are in need of someone with blog writing, editing and copywriting skills along with an insatiable appetite for social media, please consider what I have to offer. 

I created a website to showcase some... some of my work as a blogger and copywriter.

Thank you for your time and man could I go for a Coke right about now... go figure. 


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