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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not All Good Sports...

My take on some current events in the sports world...

There are very few real heroes today in the world of sports. Time and again we hear of an athlete or coach involved in one scandal or another, as in the next story.

However there is no mistaking the fact that a true, living, breathing American sports hero is one Henry (Hank) Aaron. And when Hammerin' Hank speaks, we all better listen.

But according to Nitwit #1 Skip Bayless (sans tie) and Nitwit #2 Keith Law (with tie), each of ESPN fame, Hank "needs to stop giving his opinion because he's out of touch and his opinion doesn't matter."

Why am I not surprised that such downright imbecilic and pompous comments would be made by people employed by the 4-letter network?

In a most furious, enraged and unrestrained manner...


Skip Bayless.

Keith Law.

Excuse me?

Who are you, again?

This is Henry Freakin Aaron we're talking about. This ain't just some schlub who played a few years for a few teams who hit a few home runs.

This is a living legend and how dare you treat him with such utter disdain and disregard?

Of course Hank's probably thinking 'what the hell do I care what these two dolts think, anyway?'

And you know what, Hank would be right.

What the hell do ANY of us care what these two blockheads think?

We all sit patiently waiting for Michael Vick's return to the NFL and the supposed obligatory outcry and protests from animal rights activists.


The man paid his debt to society people. Look it up. I don't like him anymore than you do and what he did was completely heinous but... the fact remains he went to jail and did his time.

Should he have come clean right away? Of course. But he didn't and he paid the price.

In stark contrast to Vick is one Donte Stallworth. In case you missed his story, ol Donte was found guilty of DUI manslaughter after he struck a killed a pedestrian with his car on March 14 in Miami. At the time of the accident, Stallworth's blood alcohol level was reportedly .126 and he also reportedly tested positive for marijuana.

For his actions, Stallworth was looking at a sentence of four to 15 years in jail if convicted. He ultimately reached a plea agreement that includes two years of house arrest and 1,000 hours of community service.

Time spent in jail? 24 days.

Time Michael Vick spent in jail? 23 months or about 700 more days than Stallworth

Now as far as the NFL is concerned...

Michael Vick was reinstated by the commissioner and can play as early as the 6th game of the forthcoming season.

Donte Stallworth, just today, was suspended, without pay, for the entire season.

So, let's recap.

The NFL hands downs stricter punishments than our legal system.

Yeah, that about sums it up.

However... I would be remiss, and I almost hesitate to even bring it up -- if I didn't mention an article I just read about this very subject.

It was penned by someone named Terence Moore and can be found here.

The title of Mr. Moore's article is:
Please, Stop the Michael Vick Hypocrisy

So you can only guess where Mr. Moore's headed with his thoughts.

He claims the only reason the NFL wants Vick back in the league is because: "They want him to entertain them again."

On this point I agree with him completely. The basic premise of his story is there is a double standard at work here.

Donte Stallworth, marginal wide receiver: 1 year suspension.
Michael Vick, superstar QB: 5 game suspension.

And if he (Moore) had stopped there, I would have been fine with it.

But when I read this...

"If any NFL player deserves unabashed compassion -- you know, such as the kind that is directed toward Vick by his congregation -- it's Stallworth, and this is not to excuse his hideous act."

... I was completely enraged.

"...and this is not to excuse his hideous act."

I'm sorry-- "hideous act?" That's it?

C'mon T, you can do better than that. Hideous is a good start but Donte Stallworth killed another human being. He took a life. Period. I am not valuing a human life over a dog's (although many people would I assure you) but you cannot just gloss over what he did with one line of copy...

Moore goes onto praise Stallworth for doing "everything right in the aftermath (of the accident)" including:
  • Pulling over to the side of the road
  • Immediately calling the police
  • Telling everybody from the start that he was drunk, stupid and wrong
  • Apologizing to the victim's family
  • And trying to compensate the family
Well whoop-de-freaking do. Let's erect a fu$%ing statue in Stallworth's honor for his unbridled benevolence.

Give me a break.

Should Vick done more of the mea culpa dance? Absolutely.

But just because Stallworth did, we're somehow supposed to be less harsh on him?

Um... no.

He got drunk. He got high. Then he killed someone.



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