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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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Two points if you recognize Radio Nowhere as a title of a Springsteen song, whose l
yrics are quite appropro for this story....
"This is radio nowhere. Is there anybody alive out there?"

In case you missed it, Radio Shack announced plans to change its name to "The Shack."

My first thought when I heard the news?

Is there anybody alive out there?

My second, third and so on thoughts were...
  • Why would you change a name and corresponding brand that you spent over 85 years establishing?
  • The Shack? Why do I think nautical when I hear The Shack? Was there ever a chain called The Seafood Shack or am I just delusional as usual? Hey, I like that. That could be a good name for something like a band or a blog. Delusional As Usual. But seriously, The Shack?
  • Is it the whole "Radio" thing that's causing you to change the name? I realize that kids/young adults today have no idea what radio is but... radio stopped being prominent many, many moons ago.
So what did the company itself have to say about the name change?

"This is not about changing our name. Rather, we’re contemporizing the way we want people to think about our brand. THE SHACK speaks to consumers in a fresh, new voice and distinctive creative look that reinforces RadioShack’s authority in innovative products, leading brands and knowledgeable, helpful associates."

I'm sorry, I can't help but think Fish & Chips when I hear The Shack.

Here's a great story by Harry McCracken and the 9 reasons the name should not be changed.

Wait, it just hit me! Radio Shack, er The Shack, should get the B-52s to remake The Love Shack and use that as their new jingle!

Tin semi-conductor... rusted.

I realize this one's better served for the Rock & Rant portion of our program but...

I ask you, is there anything on God's green Earth so vile, so disgusting as seeing someone flick their cigarette butt onto the street from their moving car?

Look, you wanna slowly kill yourself by inhaling that garbage, be my guest. But enough already with the flicking of the butts!

Answer me this: If you're in your car and say eating something or drinking something, upon completion of said item, do you then throw out the wrapper, container, etc of this food or beverage?

The answer is a resounding NO!

So when it did become acceptable to discard your butt in a public forum?

It's trash people... T*R*A*S*H! Jezzus H Christ what is wrong with you? What would ever possess you to think that it was somehow ok for you to simply throw your trash out wherever and whenever you please?!?!

I tell you, if I could, I would make it a law that if anyone caught doing this be heavily fined and repeat offenders are made to walk around and pick up all the butts they can find.

I readily admit it, that I am a Twit, er, Twitterer... I've been Tweeting for quite some time now and I enjoy it. I've even lampooned it.

Twitter is of course an incredibly rapidly growing technology that more and more people are embracing every day.

Apparently some in the NFL (The No Fun League) are not fans of Twitter.

(from ESPN.com via profootballtalk.com)
- San Diego, CA
The agent for cornerback Antonio Cromartie confirms that the San Diego Chargers have fined his client $2,500 for using Twitter to complain about the food at training camp.

The offending tweet apparently equated the food quality with the Chargers' failure to reach the Super Bowl in recent seasons.

Agent Gary Wichard said Tuesday that he had seen a paraphrased version of the offending tweet, and added that he is a staunch anti-tweeter.


Boy it's a good thing ol' Gary added that he was a staunch anti-tweeter cause God only knows what kind of punishment his client would have been subjected to otherwise.

I'm sorry Antonio, that whole freedom of speech thing does not apply in this case. Sure, if you said it to a reporter, fine. But to spread your propaganda via this obvious Communistic forum is deplorable.

Give me a f$#$ing break.

'Til next time.


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