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Monday, August 24, 2009


Those who know me know that I am loathe to toot my own proverbial horn. I truly do not like self-acclaim nor those people who seek to bring attention to themselves.

But I am making an exception this time.

Here's the deal:

Recently Amazon ran a contest which essentially gave every day people a chance to film their own Amazon TV commercial and to compete for $20,000 in Amazon.com Gift Cards, plus the chance to have their work seen by and voted on by millions of other Amazon customers.

I came up with an idea, in true Dr. Suess fashion, from looking at the word AMAZON.... AM A ZON.

You know Dr. Suess, the man behind such fictitious creatures as Sneetches and the Glotz.

So I recruited my good friends Nick Lanciano -- the same highly talented and passionate Nick Lanciano who starred, produced and co-wrote (with yours truly) the critically acclaimed indie movie, 9th & Bay...

And Sean Donahue, a simply brilliant Creative Director for a Philly burbs ad agency.

They of course thought my idea was crazy, but also crazy enough to win.

My idea was to essentially have t-shirts made up with the word ZON written on them and have people speaking into the camera saying in so many words "I AM A ZON!"

Well last week we found out we made it all the way to the semifinals and I was very proud of what we accomplished, especially considering the fact that we literally had to throw this spot together at the last minute due to scheduling conflicts.

Today, however we were informed that we were not one of the five finalists.

My disappointment was short-lived as I chose to rather focus on the fact that we took a very simplistic idea and created what we think is a very clever spot that would resonate with the general public AND make for a fabulous ad campaign. And made it all the way to the semifinals!

Before I get to the spot we created, I have to thank the following people: (in addition to the aforementioned Nick and Sean)
  • Zach Edelstein
  • Cynthia Graham
  • Bruce Grant
  • Magge McCann
  • Nick Schorn
And of course my wife Terri, without her none of this is ever possible and my two kids, Samantha & Josh. It was surely my reading of so many Dr. Suess books that this lamebrain idea entered my consciousness in the first place.

Here's the spot and right below it is the link to the five finalists.

The five finalists...

Til next time...



Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting shortlisted! Here's to the Zon!

The Fantasy Football Hub said...

Thanks Cristy! Long live the ZONS!!!

Patrick Bowers said...

That was great Steve O mate, I guess not wining's just fate, it's to bad they didnt appreciate such an "Oh Say Can You Say" talented play. Those Amazon smucks didn't know what they saw, it wasn''t "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish," or a three footed slaw. No indeed the acting alone was to good for any "parrot named Hooey," and it was definately not something "phooey." It's just to bad those amazon mopes were such "green egg eating" dopes!! Hey just hang in there Steve O and gang, someday the others will recognize a good thang. They'll see what's clear and right and then all the Who's in Whoville will celebrate that night!!! Word to the Zon, nice job Steve and friend. That's it, the end.

The Fantasy Football Hub said...

Thank you Patrick! Mr. Geisel could not have said it any better! You are quite the wordsmith yourself...and YOU should be writing... so get on it! You know how to find me if you need my help. That was great! I love that!!! Really... thanks again.