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Friday, April 3, 2009

This Brand Is Your Brand - Part Deux

On Wednesday, I wrote about how much fun one can have with an iconic brand.

Building off that iconic brand topic...

Another way to tell when a brand has reached icon status is when that same brand becomes synonymous with the entire product itself.

For example, when you cut yourself, what's the first you reach for? A band aid, that's right. But not just ANY band aid, you reach for a Band Aid band aid. No one ever gets cuts and says "Ouch, I need a Curad!"

When you need to blow your proboscis, what do you reach for? A tissue? Or a Kleenex?
When you want to enjoy a snack consisting of caramel corn and peanuts, what do you reach for?
And finally, when you need to find something on the Net, what do you do? Altogether now... you Google it!

This of course does not mean people do not purchase and/or patronize "cheaper, store-brand" versions of these products. Of course we do.

The point is when a brand becomes the voice and the face of the very line of products it is part of, it has reached the pinnacle, the ultimate in brand awareness.

Now, keeping that same brand fresh and modern and relevant... that's a story for another time.


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t said...

I use Google to search things but there is one thing that bugs the crap out of me is when people say "GOOGLE IT". I'm still the person who says "let's do a search for it" because Google already gets enough of my attention. I'm all for the little guy...even though I like big guys. ;)