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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm All Over The Place...

random - having no particular pattern, purpose, organization, or structure.

That's my stance today. Gonna tackle multiple issues today. Why? Because I can, that's why!
  • Are there really Phillies fans predicting the ultimate demise of the 2009 season after a grand total of one game? Lord a'mighty people, you all need to chill. I mean like an arctic, South Pole kind of chill. It was one FREAKIN game! Inhale. Exhale. Sing it with me "The sun'll come out tomorrow..."
  • Did Hubert Davis really say on the Mike & Mike Show on 950ESPN this morning that he thinks Tyler Hansbrough will have a 12-15 year NBA career? Hubert, step away from the Chapel Hill Kool Aid and get a dose of reality? 12 - 15 years? Does the name Eric Montross ring a bell? I know, I know, Tyler is MUCH more athletic than the Herman Munster-esque Montross, right? Stop it. He's had a great college career. Probably good enough for enshrinement in the College Basketball Hall of Fame. But 12-15 years in the bigs? If he makes it 7 years, you may need to shock me back into consciousness.
  • I am starting to think that I, my children, my wife and extended families and perhaps my 2nd Grade Teacher Mrs. Shuttlecock (not her real name) are the only ones on all of God's green Earth who are NOT labeling themselves as Social Media Experts or authorities or even buffs! Jeezus, enough already. I Facebook. I Linked In. I even Twitter when the mood is right but enough is enough is enough. I get it! Social Media. Information content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies. It is intended to facilitate communications, influence interaction between peers and with public audiences. But I swear if I get one more f'ing email or Facebook nod, prod or whatever the hell it's called or even a freaking Tweet from someone claiming to be a Social Media guru, I'm gonna have to get medieval.
  • Finally, I felt compelled to share this very sad story. It has to do with an untold effect the war in Iraq and the other American military endaeavors takes on those NOT on the front lines.
Til next time.


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