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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Billy Joel Lyric Test
(answers posted on Thursday, February 19)

Think you know The Piano Man?
Let's see how closely you listened to the lyrics.
  1. Where did Brenda and Eddie "buy a couple of paintings?"
  2. What kind of girls "start much too late?"
  3. What job does Sergeant O'Leary have "at night?"
  4. What kind of "novelist" is Paul?
  5. What "night" did Billy crash "your party?"
  6. "What's the matter with the car I'm driving?"
  7. Finish this line: "Wheel of Fortune, Sally Ride…"
  8. What was the "only" store that sold "Matador Boots with the Cuban Heel?"
  9. What kind of world has an "Uptown Girl" been living in?
  10. What reason did Billy's friend give for "closing the shop and selling the house?"
  11. Where can Billy always find his "Cuban Skies?"
  12. What kind of dress was the "Big Shot" wearing?
  13. Finish these from the song "River of Dreams":
    • Mountains of___________________
    • Valley of______________________
    • Jungle of______________________
    • Desert of______________________
  14. "Some love is a just a lie of" the what?
  15. Where do "some folks like to get away or take a holiday from the neighborhood" to?
  16. Where did "our fathers who fought the 2nd World War" spend their weekends?
  17. "Now here you are with your faith" and what kind of advice?
  18. "Don't go trying some new fashion" and "don’t change…"
  19. "Bobby's driving through the city tonight in a hot new" what?
  20. What are the four kind of faces "that we hide away forever and taken them out, when everyone has gone?"


1 comment:

Lilly said...

Oh my, these are good and I thought I knew Billy Joel songs really well too. I have to print this out and think about it.