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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Billy Joel Lyric Test

  1. Where did Brenda and Eddie "buy a couple of paintings?"
    Scenes From An Italian Restaurant From Sears
  2. What kind of girls "start much too late?"
    Only the Good Die Young Catholic Girls
  3. What job does Sergeant O'Leary have "at night?"
    Movin' Out/Anthony's Song A Bartender
  4. What kind of "novelist" is Paul?
    Piano Man Real Estate
  5. What "night" did Billy crash "your party?"
    You May Be Right Friday Night
  6. "What's the matter with the car I'm driving?"
    It's Still Rock and Roll to Me It's out of style
  7. Finish this line: "Wheel of Fortune, Sally Ride…"
    We Didn't Start the Fire Heavy Metal, Suicide
  8. What was the "only" store that sold "Matador Boots with the Cuban Heel?" Keeping the Faith Flagg Brothers
  9. What kind of world has an "Uptown Girl" been living in?
    Uptown Girl White Bread World
  10. What reason did Billy's friend give for "closing the shop and selling the house?"
    My Life Couldn't Go On the American Way
  11. Where can Billy always find his "Cuban Skies?"
    Rosalinda's Eyes In Rosalinda's Eyes
  12. What kind of dress was the "Big Shot" wearing?
    Big Shot Halston
  13. Finish these from the song "River of Dreams":
    Mountains of Faith
    Valley of Fear
    Jungle of Doubt
    Desert of Truth
  14. 14."Some love is a just a lie of" the what?
    A Matter of Trust the Soul, the Heart, the Mind (all acceptable)
  15. Where do "some folks like to get away or take a holiday from the neighborhood" to?
    New York State of Mind Miami Beach or to Hollywood
  16. Where did "our fathers who fought the 2nd World War" spend their weekends? Allentown On the Jersey Shore
  17. "Now here you are with your faith" and what kind of advice?
    Pressure Peter Pan
  18. "Don't go trying some new fashion" and "don’t change…"
    Just the Way You Are The color of your hair
  19. "Bobby's driving through the city tonight in a hot new" what?
    Say Goodbye to Hollywood A hot new rent-a-car
  20. What are the four kind of faces "that we hide away forever and taken them out, when everyone has gone?"
    The Stranger Satin, Steel, Silk, Leather


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