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Monday, February 9, 2009

Much Ado About...

Much to cover today kids, some sports, some not... just cleaning out internal garage if you will...

Spare the ROD, Spoil the Child...
So Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003. Well color me surprised... or as Matt Foley would say...


Are you kidding me? People are surprised? Outraged? Disappointed? Dare I say, aghast at hearing this news... "Say it isn't so, Alex... say it isn't so!'


You can argue that it was unfair because the "survey" test results were supposed to remain confidential and A-Rod's was the only of the 104 positive testers who’s named was released. Yeah, and Eagles fans were supposed to be celebrating their 3rd Super Bowl in 5 years two weeks ago. Life's not always fair. Get over it.

ESPN'er Buster Olney put it best, saying:

"Alex Rodriguez was supposed to be the guy who saved baseball, the way that Mark McGwire did in 1998. He was supposed to ride in and save the home run record from the clutches of suspected steroid user Barry Bonds. He was supposed to be the guy who would show that clean players could be just as prolific as the cheaters."

But, as BO puts it, that's out the proverbial window.

My thoughts... Who cares? Of course he cheated. If A-Rod were smart, he would pull an Andy Pettite and come out admit it, then move on. In time, people will forget. Now it may take longer for people to forget given A-Rod's stature, but, if you do the mea-culpa thing, our society will move on to the next egregious offender and so on and so on... As Bruce Hornsby says, "that's just the way it is."

Dumb, Dumber and Downright Stupid...
There is much ado right now in Philly sports re: the Eagles, their QB Donovan McNabb and comments he made. I know, I know... there ain't no news here.

BUT... What I heard today on the local radio airwaves just got to me and I have to get it off my chest.

I am a radio-rider, a station-surfer, for sure. I have some favs, Jody Mac on 950ESPN for sure but I will bounce around the radio dial, listening to both of the local sports stations during my day.

On this particular morning, I was listening to 610-WIP, the home of the most conniving, rating-whores-say-whatever-do-whatever-is-necessary-bunch-of-dolts you can ever hope to meet...

The morning host, Angelo Cataldi, who is never one to shy away from making incendiary comments, was making reference to comments the aforementioned Donovan McNabb made to a local reporter while attending the Syracuse/Villanova basketball game.

One particular comment caught Angelo and the rest of the crew's collective attention. It was a reply Donovan gave to the query "What did you learn watching Kurt Warner and Ben Roethlisberger in the final minutes of the Super Bowl?"

Donovan response? "Nothing." As in he learned nothing from the watching the final minutes of the Super Bowl.

Well this set Angelo and crew off to no end. See, Donovan McNabb is public enemy #1 because of comments he made immediately following the NFC Title Game, in which he, according to many, myself included, threw the Eagles Defense under the bus.

So upon hearing Donovan's short, trite response re; the Super Bowl, that was all they needed to hear...

(paraphrasing) "How could Donovan not have learned anything watching these great quarterbacks?! What an outrage!"

This would have all been well and good except for one small, minor detail... and they (the hosts) are so damn dumb, they didn't even realize they were contradicting themselves as they were going off on Donovan.

See during this whole Donovan-diatribe, they were also discussing the fact that professional athletes will NEVER tell the media the truth. In fact, Keith Jones, former Flyer and current part-time WIP'er referred to the media as "pigeons" implying he would only tell them exactly what he wanted them to hear, knowing all along they would run back to their Editor with another "scoop" from an "inside source."

So, from one side of their mouths they were ranting and raving as to the lack of a tangible response from Donovan McNabb all the while from the other side, they were professing to the fact that sports players never tell the media the truth.

Do you think Donovan McNabb learned anything from watching the last minutes of the Super Bowl?


But what did you expect him to say??!!!

"Um yeah, I learned quite a bit. I mean, man, Ben and Kurt are so much better than me in the 2-minute drill. I really am going to focus on that part of my game this off-season. I'm going to watch the tape of this game over and over to help hone my skills. Thanks for asking such an insightful question. You have any more?"

You know, the one and only MQ, my confidante all these years, has been laboriously trying to get me to grasp the concept of "they (players/coaches) only tell you what they want you to hear (READ: Andy Reid's press conferences) so get over it and get used it!"

Well perhaps, maybe, just maybe... I am finally seeing the light.

I had something else I wanted to talk about but now I forget... the hell with it. I'm too pissed off now...

'Til next time.



Lilly said...

How come it took so long for this to become public or was it leaked somehow? I wonder how many sportspeople are doing the same? I had a cousin who was a top football player in Australia. One minute he was slim and the next he was so well built. He committed suicide when he was 28. Steroids were the problem apparently.

The Fantasy Football Hub said...

Hi Lilly, Unfortunately this has become an epidemic in American sports, the use of performance enhancing drugs by our biggest stars. There are countless number of stories of people dying young and/or committing suicide as a direct result of steroids. I am very sorry to hear your cousin became a victim of this awful drug. Be well my friend. Steve O