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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This Bud's For...

Ok, I've now had 10+ hours to digest the events of last night and here are my thoughts...
  • The game should have never been started. Period. But there is simply too much money involved for it NOT to start. Period.
  • The fans (both at the stadium and watching from home) are meaningless pawns; always has been, always will be.
  • Why did I have visions of the Fog Bowl dancing in my head?
  • Referring to Bud Selig as the Commissioner is laughable. The definition of this word (commissioner) in this context is: "an official chosen by an athletic association to exercise broad administrative or judicial authority" Those words were never more hollow than when applied to Bud Selig. Here are some other words: Disgraceful; shameful, deplorable, and on and on... If this man, this so-called leader of this league, is in fact the commissioner in the true sense of the word, he, and he alone would have made the decision. Not confer with the umps, with the respective GMs, with the freakin groundskeeper! Hell, why not ask the guy selling beer in Section 110? Here's one last word: embarrassing. As in Bud Selig is embarrassing himself, his league and these players.
  • Fair or not, the Phils did not get to bet in the monsoon as the Rays did in the Top of the 6th. Deal with it. And no, I don't think for one second the league waited until the Rays tied the score. It should have never gotten that far, meaning the game should not have been started as I stated earlier.
  • Stop with the "we lost our #1 pitcher" stuff, too. We got 6 innings and 2 runs out of Cole Hamels, which could have happened in perfect weather, could it not? So stop with that nonsense.
  • I am disappointed and frustrated as anyone BUT the Phils still lead 3 games to 1. They still have (at least) 4 more times at bat to take the lead and win this thing, right?
  • Perspective. Let's keep everything in perspective kids. And let's go out and put the Rays away once and for all.
'Til next time.


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