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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Phree at last...

Phree at last... thank God almighty, we are phree at last.

As someone who has endured or perhaps the more appropriate word is "weathered" these past 25 years, I can honestly say right here, right now, I was not sure if this time would ever come again.

But I will dwell on the past, instead I will look to the future which is very bright indeed and NOT just for the Phillies.

On the contrary I honesty think this will be the dawning of a new sports era in this town and for these fans. Call it red-colored optimism if you must but this is our time kids.

The naysayers be damned... this Philadelphia Phillies team proved themselves to be the best when it mattered the most and in the end, that's all that counts.

I am emotionally and physically spent from the past 3 days and it will only get worse before it gets better but I'm loving every second of it.

I have to give major, major props to MQ, my sports amigo lo these past 25+ years. Time and again, he stood tall in his defense of the Phillies and Charlie Manuel, even as those such as me openly questioned the decision making of the manager and front office. People like MQ get an extra-sweet dose of 'I told you so's" today. And they deserve it.

On my way into work today, I switched on 660, The Fan out of NY. Just wanted to hear what others were saying about the Phils. One of the AM drive time hosts is Craig Carton, who spent time in this town on WIP.

I realize he works in NY now but to hear Carton's rant on the city and it's fans was deplorable, saying at one point in reference to the Phillies and the city:
"It's a loser town, with loser people and loser teams."

He did praise the Phillies for having all the things the Mets are not, most notably a team with heart but he always added a disclaimer of "while I like the Phillies team, I hope they wait another 28 years for a title."

Now, please understand I couldn't give two rats you know what what Craig Carton thinks but I found it almost comical to hear him trying to establish a sort of "street cred" with the NY audience, who if they are smart, won't buy it for one second.

And while I could not find an email address for Craig, I can provide you with a link to to the WFAN site where you can post a message and tell Craig what you think of him: http://www.wfan.com/pages/1270233.php

But enough of that negativity on a day like today..

We are the champions of all of baseball. And nothing anyone says or does can ever change that. So to the Tim McCarvers of the world who, right up until the very end were scheming of ways the Rays could win, I say... GOODBYE. GOOD RIDDANCE. WE'RE #1, WE'LL SEE YOU NEXT YEAR.

Phinal Thought... as that last out was being recorded, I could not help but think of my late father. An all-around sports fan but a Phillies fan first for sure. Like many I'm sure, I could never really talk to my father about "life" issues but we could always talk about sports and while he was the typical Philly sports fan 'Ah they're all bums'... in his heart he appreciated and respected what they did on the field. And while I so wished he could be here today so we can talk about the Phils winning the title, there is no doubt in my mind he was wathching and he was very, very happy. This one was for you, Dad.

Til next time.


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