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Monday, November 3, 2008

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Tomorrow I will cast my vote for President of these United States for...
This particular presidential election has been unlike any other in recent memory. It has galvanized us a nation with each side firmly entrenched against one another. The issues are many and we as a country are truly facing a crossroads. This election, I believe, will have a profound impact on future generations including my children's children and their children as well. I think it's that important.

That is why tomorrow I will cast my vote for President of these United States for... Barack Obama.

Why? Well the reasons are many I assure you. Unfortunately time constraints forbid me from expounding on them right now. I can tell you one of my main reasons for voting for Barack is I simply do not want a continuum of the past 8 years.

After 9/11, we owed to those 3,000 US citizens lost to extract revenge on the perpetrators. Eight years later not only have we NOT extracted that revenge but an additional 4,000 US citizens have died wearing the uniforms of our armed services.

We went into Iraq to remove the Weapons of Mass Destruction. How many have we found to date? Zero. None.

The mistakes of the Bush administration are staggering, almost incomprehensible. Foreign policy. Domestic policy. Energy. Health care. And on and on, you name it, this current administration has failed the American people in a way almost too hard to believe.

Is John McCain a victim of guilt by association? You damn skippy he is. But he deserves to have that label slapped on him. You vote/agree with something 90% of the time... guess what? You get lumped in with the rest of the dreck.

Forgive me but I am having trouble understanding the value of spending $12 billion a month on a war that seems to have no end in sight and has not improved my life one iota while ruining countless of other lives of the parents of the brave men and women who sacrifice their lives.

Add to the mix the Republican's desperate attempt to attract the Hillary Democrats by selecting a person better suited to drive the mini-van to, yes hockey practice, than to be the second in command of the free world. Has Sarah Palin ever answered Charlie Gibson's question of 2 months ago to actually describe The Bush Doctrine? Didn't think so.

Look, is Barack Obama infallible? Of course not. Will he make mistakes? Of course he will.

Will he do right by the American people and will he restore the United States to its rightful position atop the world's powers? I'm counting on it.

Bottom line. Tomorrow, go out and vote. Let your voice be heard.

Til next time.


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