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Monday, October 27, 2008

The O Zone...

There are birthdays and there are BIRTHDAYS!!!

Yesterday, October 26, the Big Man turned 43 and in addition to the veritable plethora of fabulous gifts I got from my wife and kids, the Fightins gave me a a gift that may never be duplicated in my lifetime.

They gave me not one, but TWO World Series wins. One at 2AM and the other at 11:30PM. Both on October 26, my birthday. It was truly a special day and one I will not soon forget. My family, my friends, my Fightins.

Yeah, the Eagles "sandwiched" a W in there, too but to get 2 World Series wins on one day was something special to say the least.

Now, back to life, back to reality...

We of course sit on the precipice of history. The Phils are one game from providing this town and its fans one collective sigh, one collective release of 25 years worth of tension, frustration and disappointment.

When the Phils get that final out, they will exorcise 25 years worth of demons. Gone will be the likes of Ken Singleton and Rick Dempsey; Steve Yzerman and Chris Chelios; Tyronn Lue and Mark Madsen; Larry Izzo and Troy Brown; Ed Sprague and John Olerud.

They will ALL be exorcised with one pitch. And the future will be brighter in Philadelphia sports, as bright as its been for many, many years.

Tonight, it's one pitch, one out at a time...

Let's go Phils. Let's go Philly.

'Til next time.


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