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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The O Zone...

MQ and I don't always agree but this we most assuredly, wholeheartedly agree upon... What is it?

The unabashed and disgraceful slant the guys at FOX at taking toward the Rays. Now before you start thinking we are being "homers" and think the whole world is against us, consider the facts:
  • Time and again following a Phillies hit, we were force fed some meaningless, useless information on a Rays player, case in point, following a Phils hit early in the game, Tim McClueless went off on the great closing speed of the Rays RF Cookie Gilchrist or whatever the hell his name is. What does that have to do with anything??!!
  • Then we had the backstory of the cowbell, and boy wasn't that riveting??!!
  • The Rays 1B Carlos Pena is a very good player for sure but there was ol' Timmy defending him when he dropped the ball on the play where Burrell was running up the first base line. "That was a tough play," sayeth Timmy Mac. Tough play my A$$! He dropped the ball! He made an error. Period.
  • But Tim McTampa saved his best for last. In the 9th inning, with the Rays down to their last out and Carl Crawford at the plate, there was Timmy trying to talk the Rays into a rally, saying if Crawford gets on here, he will steal second and then anything can happen; even questioning why the Phils had their defense set the way they did since Carl Crawford is apparently Lou Brock and Rickey Henderson reincarated. Hello McFly! Can we at least wait until he (Crawford) gets on base before you start mapping out the Rays' winning rally??!! That was the truly some of Timmy's finest work of the evening.
  • There are more instances that I'm forgetting but it was so infuriating to hear the endless love the boys in the booth had for the Rays.
Some other thoughts from last night...
  • BJ Upton, BJ Upton, BJ Upton. When exactly did this guy cure cancer, end world hunger and solve world peace? Enough already with the freaking BJ Upton! The guy had a great AL Playoffs. But that was then and this is now. And last night he showed why he was benched during the regular season.. complete lack of hustle. Someone needs to remind this kid that he ain't Barry Bonds. Yes, he made a nice throw to nail Victorino at the plate. It was not a great throw but a nice throw, a good throw. The credit goes to the catcher who caught the ball on a short hop while blocking the plate at the same time.
  • Ryan Howard looks like the pre-September Ryan Howard. And that's bad kids, that's very bad.
  • Jimmy Rollins looks dazed and confused at the plate himself. Not sure what was going thru his head last night after seeing some of the pitches he did and did not swing at.
  • Cole Hamels is solidfying himself as one the best pitchers in all of baseball. Phils need to step up in the offseason and lock this kid up.
  • Why does FOX interview the opposing manager each series yet when it comes to the Phils, they don't interview Uncle Charlie but rather pitching coach Rich Dubee? They've done it every series and they continued it last night.
That's all I got...

Til next time.


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