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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The O Zone...

Been AWOL for a bit, time to play catch up...

First and foremost, have to say Happy Birthday to my daughter Samantha, who turned nine this past Monday. She, along with my son Josh, are living proof that kids can become smart, sociably adept, down-to-earth and well-behaved individuals despite the way their father acts. Thank God for their mother. Happy Birthday Monkey Girl. Daddy loves you.

I've had this gentlemen in my cross hairs for just about a week now and I'm just getting around to taking my shot at him. I'm referring to the Inquirer's Eagles Beat Writer Bob Brookover, who apparently was trying to get one over on us.

His column that appeared last Thursday, October 16, is pure Andy Reid driven drivel that is normally only heard on a certain "other" sports talk station during afternoon drive time.

The headline and subhead for his "Analysis" piece was:
Why did the Eagles pass on Williams?
The Cowboys' newest receiver isn't all he's cracked up to be. Birds fans can just relax.

The column was obviously about the fact that the Cowboys went out and improved their already solid receiving corps while the Eagles sat idly by and did nothing as per their norm.

First off, I love the fact that this was labeled "Analysis" like that's supposed to carry more weight or have a stronger influence on the reader. Puh-leeze.

Whether the Cowboys gave up too much to get Williams in inconsequential to the fact the Eagles did nothing. NOTHING! The Cowboys went out and got a player they thought would help them win a Super Bowl. Period. End of story. Print it.

But this is not about my feelings toward Andy, Joe and the boys. No this is about a member of the media who clearly is in good with the coach and does not want to risk that by writing, oh I don't know... THE TRUTH!

Why else would Bob Brookover use this forum, this place at the dinner table where he has a captive audience, to spew such obviously transparent and hollow words?

"It should also be noted that [the receiving] Roy Williams had 17 catches for 232 yards and one touchdown this season for the 0-5 Lions. The Eagles' Hank Baskett has the same number of catches for 13 more yards and one more touchdown. The Eagles' Correll Buckhalter, who is a running back who barely touched the ball in two games this season, has the same amount of catches for 64 fewer yards and the same amount of touchdowns. Even Greg Lewis has only 28 fewer receiving yards than Williams this season."

You know what's coming... scream it with me...

Are you kidding me??!!

You're going to compare Roy Williams to this dreck we
have currently? You know Bob, you may want to
switch to decaf.

But my favorite stanza, or is that Co-stanza(?), is this beauty:

"...If you make an objective list as to why this team (The Eagles) is off to a disappointing 3-3 start, it won't include problems at wide receiver."

My God, that right there is some damn good comedic writing my friends. I'm on the floor laughing every time I read that line.

Of course Bob does a fine job of sneaking in the very operative word "objective" into his equation. For splits and giggles, let's see Mr. Webster has to say about the word "objective."

Not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts;

'Based on facts.' Yeah, I like that term. So, Bob, based on the facts, the Eagles being 3-3 and a very pedestrian 3-3, has nothing to do with the receivers. Is that what you're telling us?

Tell you what I DO know. I know what I heard from someone who has slightly more objectivity than you, Chris Mortensen of ESPN, who essentially said the complete opposite when asked his thoughts on the Williams' deal.

Paraphrasing, Mort said he heard that Williams was better than his numbers indicate, that people around the league think he's got a major upside and that now that he's out of Motown, he's going to put up the numbers everyone thought he would coming out of college. Course Mort said all this before Tony and his pinkie weren't on speaking terms.

Needless to say, Bob, I for one am most-disappointed in your reporting "the facts" but given that this was an "Analysis" I guess that makes it ok then, right?

Decaf Bob... DEE-CAF...

I am picking the Phils in seven. My MVP choice is Jayson Werth and I think the Phils will win games 1, 3, 4 & 7. That's all there is to say about that... as Forrest Gump would say.

So I see the Palin Plague continues for the Flyboys. Yessir, that was one good PR move getting Veep wanna-be Sarah Palin to drop the puck at the first game this season.

Maybe if they can get Joe Biden to drive the Zamboni that would exorcise the demons?

Rapid fire...
  • Pacman gets unplugged, again. Somewhere Gomer Pyle is NOT saying "SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!"
  • College official tackles QB during game, now only 2 sacks behind Trent Cole and closing fast.
  • Jose Canseco's mea culpa. Wow, Jose is shocked to learn that by naming players by name and thus indicting them in the court of public opinion hs caused such a rift between he and his former players. Don't go away angry, Jose. Just go away.
  • And finally, my NFL top... wait, I can't get to 10 teams anymore cause they're ain't 10 good ones. Here's my top whatever...
1. Titans
2. Giants (but they looked bad against the Browns and barely beat the Ben Gals)
3. Steelers (but they looked bad against the Eagles and have no running game. Stop with the Mewelde Moore talk, too.)
4. Bills (but they looked bad against the Cardinals)
5. Panthers (but they looked bad against the Bucs)
17. Eagles (but their receivers are not to blame, right Bob?)

Til next time.


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Anonymous said...

True, true and oh so true! Mewelde Moore...come on he was a late P.U. and scored 3 td's I need to talk about him!!!