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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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It's 9:04PM, October 14, 2008. On my way home from work tonight, I heard something so astonishing yet so plausible at the same time I decided to record my thoughts via my cell since writing as I'm doing 75 on 95 did not seem like a good idea.

Listen first, then read more after.

Done listening? Ok, that was my PG rated rant. Now the gloves are off, the kids are in bed and it's time for some unadulterated ranting and raving.

The Eagles... YOUR Philadelphia Eagles, who boast the likes of Brown, Baskett, Little John and G-Lew among their receiving core (dispensation was granted to DeSean Jackson for an obvious reason... he has talent!) decided in their infantile wisdom that they do not see the need to add the likes of Roy Williams AND/OR Tony Gonzalez to their already star-studded group of men paid the catch the ball.

Like I said in my audio rant, it comes to arrgoance and pomposity. But there's actually one other word I would add to the mix: Cheap. As in the Eagles are too cheap to pay for established players but have no problem paying a rookie.

And before you go all Asante Samuel on me... think about it. Of the Eagles will sign players to big money. They will sign enough players to remain competitive in a very weak NFC. But that's it.

What other possible explanation can be given for the Eagles' decision to NOT obtain one or both of these players?

They think their receivers are good enough? Of course they will try and sell us on that concept... again.

They value their draft picks too much? Um... you kinda have to keep your draft picks to value them, don't you? And theirs is not exactly a rich draft history, now is it?

To me the answer is clear... crystal clear.

Andy Reid, Joe Banner, Jeff Lurie and the gang would rather pay for a rookie, a less than 1st round rookie that is, then they would pay for a player or two who will command more money. Done. End of sentence. End of story.

  • All 3 NFC East opponents lost this past week, thus bringing the Eagles back into the picture
  • The Cowboys suffered major losses via injury (Romo, Jones, etc) and suspensions (thanks Pacman)
So with all this goodwill being passed the Eagles way by the football gods, what do they do with it? They look the gods dead in the eye and say "Thanks, but we're good. Remember, we're the GOLD standard. Perhaps the team down the road could use your help, but us? Nah, we don't need no stinking football gods."

This is truly the ultimate insult to our collective intelligence and loyalty as fans.

Go Phils.

Til next time.


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