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Monday, October 13, 2008

The O Zone...

Feeling Dodger Blue...
Let me preface this missive by saying I am not one of those "fanatical fans" who believes the whole world is against my team, the whole world meaning the officials, the media including the networks and its minions in the booth.

But holy copious praise Batman, what Fox is doing in this series is downright deplorable. I would honestly like to put a stopwatch on Joe Buck and Tim McCarver and see just how much they spend talking about the Dodgers in comparison to the Phillies. And the producers are just as much to blame. Do we need to see a Dodger in the dugout between every pitch? Ok, I'm exaggerating, but man does it feel like that or what?

As you know, yours truly pays attention with an astute and keen sense of listening skills (don't tell me wife who claims I don't listen to her, which is entirely true of course) to every sporting event I view. And last night was no different.

At one point, early in the game, after the Dodgers were ahead 5-1, Buck actually said (paraphrasing) "This is a good game we have going on." Pardon me, Joe, but those of us rooting for the boys in red may disagree with your not so unbiased opinion. Are you kidding me? You announce to the free world that this is a "good game" when one team is leading the other by 4 runs, and going in for more??!!!

Another gem was when Joe and Tim were waxing on poetically about these two Dodgers (some guy I never hard of and Mark Sweeney) were so vital to the Dodgers success as they bring such a prescence to the clubhouse. This was on for what seemed like 2 innings!

Again... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!

I would have so much more respect if they (Fox) just came out and said what we already know:

Dear fans of the Rays and Phillies,

While we appreciate what your teams have accomplished this year, we simply cannot have them face each other in the World Series? Why? Because we won't make as much money selling advertising time as we would if the Dodgers and Red Sox square off. Duh.

So, we will do everything in our power to ensure the Dodgers and Red Sox meet in this year's Fall Classic.

Thank you for your time.

But we don't really mean that.

Fox Sports

Til next time.


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