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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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Five days removed from the 2,456th time we've heard Big Red say it was his fault that the Eagles lost. And I still not calmed down from the rage I felt immediately following the game.

There are simply way too many unexplained things and unanswered questions from past Sunday. To delve into all of them would take far too much of yours and mine valuable time.

But I do LOVE the fact that Donovan came out and said he was embarrassed by the Eagles' performance the last two weeks. Now if we can get our coach to show sings of a pulse...

Before the season, my prediction for this year's model was 9-7, perhaps 10-6 with a break along the way. I was very excited by the Defense, especially the young linebacking core. I was also (fool heartedly) excited by the return of LJ Smith. Somehow I was under the grand delusion that this would finally be the year he... well, does something, anything!

But alas, Little John, like his fellow Eagle brethren, seem to be in this sort of fog, if you will. Not the pea soup they faced in Chi-town all those years ago. No, this is a more mental state of fogginess they find themselves ensnared in.

How else can you explain being up 14-0 at home to a divisional opponent then inexplicably stop playing for all intents and purposes? A fog? A spell? Whatever this seemingly self-induced incantation was/is... it has somehow permeated the entire team and coaching staff. Who you gonna call?

"Calling Dr. Bombay, calling Dr. Bombay. Emergency! Come right away!"

On other side of the Spectrum... had to work in "America's Showplace" in this post somehow.

Before I get to my Phils slant, have to share with you my greatest Spectrum memory which also happens to be my greatest single in-person sporting event memory.

The year was 1987. Right away, if you're a true Philly sports fan, you will know already what moment I am referring to. I don't recall the date, it's irrelevant.

Oilers. Flyers. Game 6. JJ Daigneault.

Nuff said.

As for the Phils, I like them to win in 6. Why? It's their time. Ok, something a little less serendipitous? A little less karma-induced?

I can't help you. After 25 years, I'm going with the karma and leaving it at that.

Am heading down to the game tonight, so I only have time for...

Top 5 NFL teams this week:

1. Giants (last wk:1) --- To be the best, you have to beat the best. No one has yet.
2. Titans (last wk: 3) --- Does Eddie George still play for them?
3. Redskins (last wk: 7) --- Face it, that was 2 very impressive wins
4. Cowboys (last wk: 2) --- "Bad" win over the Ben Gals
5. Panthers (last wk: 9) --- Perhaps the pre-season scuffle brought this team closer?

In all honesty, the next group of teams: Steelers, Bills, Broncos, Bears, etc are not much different than one another. Mediocrity reigns supreme in the NFL this year.

As for the Eagles, they would come in the 18-20 range.

'Til next time.


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