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Thursday, August 14, 2008

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Your honor, I will repeat my question... a few weeks ago I posed the question: "Is Jimmy Rollins the new T.O.?" Even heard Jody Mac on 950ESPN ponder my query on air. I say "even" cause most times I don't get to hear the Mac Man actually read the O Zone out to the masses.

If memory serves me, Jody was rather dismissive of my inquiry, rather brushing it aside like he was swatting away an annoying insect.

So on the heels of yet another T.O.-esque moment (referring to the Phils faithful as front-runners), I will once again ask...

Is Jimmy Rollins the new T.O.?

Stay with me here and look for the comparisons.

One year, he owns the town, figuratively and literally. Can do no wrong. All fans love and adore him. Cheer loudly and passionately for him.

Next year, the same player begins to make statements and references that seem to confound his once loyal followers. Openly questions either members of his team and/or management. His demeanor this year is completely contradictory to that of the previous year.

It does, at the very least, make you go... hmmmmmm.

Do you believe in Judgment Day?
That's the question I want to pose to Andrea and Daniel Kelly and their attorneys. Andrea and Daniel Kelly are the parents of Danieal Kelly, who in case you've been living under not just one rock but a whole freaking mountain, is the 14 year old girl who died under such extreme and inhuman conditions, I will refrain from stating them here.

Not only were Andrea and Daniel Kelly, along with a litany of DHS workers, directly responsible for little Danieal's death, they (the parents) are now suing the city of Philadelphia for failing to protect the girl from them.

Many, many words come to mind when trying to think of ways to describe my feelings toward all those involved, but I really just want to ask them all one question and one question only:

Do you believe in Judgment Day?

I know you may die over there and you’re fighting for my freedom and blah, blah, blah... but I'm sorry, that third bag you have is gonna cost you. But if you fill out this form, in between being shot at, and send it back to us, we'll gladly refund you your money.

Have you heard this gem? Some airlines are charging U.S. soldiers extra baggage fees to take their military kits with them as they set off for war.

Ok, let's see if I got this right.

  • Sending people off to war, a war that many Americans are staunchly against
  • More often than not, the troops are ill-equipped for their new surroundings
  • They don't get paid anywhere nearly enough
  • When they get back, IF they get back home, they have trouble getting health benefits
  • And now we want them to pay for "extra baggage"
You know for the life of me I cannot seem to understand why enlistment is down so much for our military.

Finally today... got into a conversation today with a good friend/co-worker of mine, John O'Hanlan. The subject got around to things that irritate us in sports. Now rather than list all things for all sports, gonna concentrate on football today and tackle (no pun intended) the other sports at a later date.

So here are some things that irritate me (and Johnny O) about football: (in no specific order)
  • Prevent D
    • Although this list is in no specific order, this could very well be the thing that irritates me the most when it comes to football. Has the Prevent D ever worked? Look no further than last year, Week 7, Bears/Eagles. Brian Griese, not Bob lest anyone think otherwise, drove the Bears 97 yards in 1:43 for the winning touchdown. Guess which defense the Eagles were in for the majority of that drive?
  • 3rd & 8, pass for 4
    • An Eagles specialty if there ever were one. How many times have we seen them throw a 3rd Down pass for yardage that is LESS than what is needed for the 1st Down and often times MUCH less than what is needed for the 1st Down! Is it the play-calling? It is the QB checking down to a shorter route? Whatever it is... STOP DOING IT!
  • Icing the kicker
    • Even with the new rule that you can't use more than one timeout to try and freeze the opposing kicker, this still drives me crazy! Okay I get it, let’s call a timeout and have the kicker “ponder” the unforeseen. But come on, he’s a professional for crying out loud. I much rather see him and the offense rush out on the field, get set up and then kick the field goal. As opposed to calling the timeout, giving the offense plenty of time to set up so everything is just right for the kick. I mean if the timeout gives players an opportunity to dig out snow, what’s next, checking the barometer!
  • If it ain't working, STOP!
    • Another Eagles fave. They run a play, pick one... and it doesn't work. In fact it fails miserably. They run it again, same result. Logic dictates you shelve that play for another time in another place on another day. Well as we all well know, there is no place for logic when it comes to pro football.
  • Down by contact
    • And the ground can't cause a fumble. What does that mean anyway??!! I'm sorry, but a fumble is a fumble is a fumble. Done, end of story. Move on.
  • Long-distance calls
    • Don't you love it when an official who is standing clear on the other side of the field or is down the field, many yards away, throws the flag on a play that is not even in their same time zone yet another official, with a birds eye view, calls nothing??!!! There should be a rule enacted immediately that an official may not throw a flag unless he is within 15 yards of the offending infraction. And 15 yards may even be pushing it.
  • Illegal defensive celebration
    • Ok, work with me here, help me out. You're a defensive player. Your defense has just allowed a running back to run for 18 yards, through gaping holes and missed tackles. You make a nice hit on the runner, brining him down AFTER his long gain and you proceed to stand up and applaud your handiwork? Anyone caught doing this should be penalized just for being an idiot.
Ok, that's I got for today. I'm sure there's plenty more I'll think of later and I'll be sure to share them with you.

Til next time.


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Anonymous said...

Calling Rollins the next T.O. is a stretch. While I can't explain his recent actions, and obviously don't support them either, comparing him to T.O. is a little unfair don't you think? The last time I checked he wasn't dressed in camouflage doing sit-ups in his driveway was he? He hasn't publicly called out any of his teammates has he? He has hasn't threatened to be a disruptive force in the locker room and on the field has he? Without question he is not having quite the year he had last year, hence the boos from the fans, but he is not the next T.O. Fans have a right to boo and Philly fans do that better than most, but the flip side of that coin, and one that many fans don't look at, is that players have the right to respond. Rollins made some stupid comments on a television show. Last year fans loved him for his bravado and brash comments. This year, not so much. Didn't Chase Utley do the same thing at last month's All-Star Game? If Utlely was hitting .260 would you be calling him the next T.O? Don't think so. Newsflash: Professional athletes don't like to get booed. All Rollins has to do is start hitting, bashing a few homers and flashing that million dollar smile and he will be the toast of the town once again.

And by the way, Philly fans are front-runners.