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Thursday, August 7, 2008

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Save the stairway to heaven for someone else, he's riding the escalator...

Today we found out Philly-rock legend Robert Hazard passed away at 59. He of course was a mainstay in the Philly music scene in the 80s along with The Hooters and other bands. Rest in peace...

In a land Favre, Favre away...

Ok, so I wake up today and find that Brett Favre-elous is now a Jet. Well let the angels in heaven sing... Hallelujah! In a country where we pay entirely too much attention to celebrity rehabs, babies and divorces, this whole saga may just top them all.

I mean they cut into regular programming to show Brett Favre's plane landing in Green Bay for chrissakes!

Here's my thoughts... both sides handled this very poorly, that I don't think anyone would disagree with that. But what might cause some debate is who has more culpability, the Packers or Favre?

To me, it's a no brainer... Brett Favre is responsible for the majority of this whole debacle, for without his wishy-washy, is-he-retired-or-not nonsense, none of this ever happens. What the Packers did is a direct result of what Favre did... and didn't do, to be precise.

For the record, I thought it was a brilliant move by the Packers to offer Favre the $20-$25 million dollar contract to NOT play... brilliant. Course they never figured he would say no, did they? I mean who in their right mind would say no to being paid millions of dollars to NOT do something?

The football experts, of which we have no shortage of these days, will say the Packers made a huge mistake in not welcoming Brett back with open arms. They will say that as much potential Aaron Rodgers has, he is no Brett Favre. And they would be right of course. Aaron Rodgers is no Brett Favre.

But whose to say Aaron Rodgers won't be an above-average NFL QB for years to come? No one, because we simply don't know. But we will surely find out, won't we?

Gotta give props to the Packers organization for sticking to their guns. It takes more than a little chutzpah to say "no thank you" to a Hall of Fame QB, no matter what he's put you through over the years.

But I am in the Packers corner on this one. They had to say "enough was enough" and it's time to move on. Kind of like what the Red Sox did with Manny.

Back to those so-called experts, one in particular caught my ire today with his slant on all of this. Gene Wojciechowski of ESPN.com. His article today paints a sympathetic picture of poor Brett and casts Packers GM Ted Thompson as the evil lord of Packer manor.

This is my favorite portion of Gene's column:

"For all those Favre critics who insist he's a drama queen, remember that he could have stayed in Green Bay, practiced, competed in an open competition with Aaron Rodgers and dared Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy to keep him on the bench. But he didn't. He left after several days because he has more respect for the Packers than the Packers have for him."

Altogether now... ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!!

'(Favre) has more respect for the Packers than the Packers have for him?'

Geno, how's bout all the times Brett played Should I Stay Or Should I Go (see my earlier comment) with the Packers themselves and not to mention all of the loyal Packers fans? You think it was fair to keep the fans hanging on the line as you decided to play or not?

Geno seems to have conveniently forgotten about that minor detail... how nice.

Look, there is enough culpability to go around, as I said earlier but the bottom line in all of this is if Brett Favre could have made up his mind and stuck to his convictions, none of this EVER happens.

'Til next time.


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Anonymous said...

Joe Namath retired as a Ram, Joe Montana as a Chief, Johnny U as a Charger and I think Jerry Rice is still playing for a rough touch team in Baltimore.