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Friday, July 25, 2008

The O Zone...

Is Jimmy Rollins the new T.O.? Ok, had to get that out there right away... chew on that for little while I get some things off my chest regarding the reigning NL MVP.

Tell me if this description matches the way the Phils so-called leader has acted the last month or so...

"a person who takes adulation and privileged treatment as a right and reacts with petulance to criticism or inconvenience"

That is the literal definition of the term "prima donna" and it fits Jimmy Rollins like a glove.

Could his head get any bigger? Are you kidding me? If there were ever someone who desperately needed a reality check, it was Jimmy Rollins. The way it looks now, winning the MVP was the worst thing that could have happened to him.

That plus the fact that his manager is hardly a disciplinarian and you have the perfect recipe for prima donna.

If you don't think this has anything to do with Rollins taking advantage of Uncle Charlie's demeanor and managerial skills, you are completely out of touch.

And before I hear from everyone (MQ?) screaming "How do you know what's going on inside his (Rollins') head? You can't prove intent!!"

Spare me, spare me... and SPARE ME! Take off the naive hat, get a clue and get in the damn game... in other words, WAKE UP!!!!!!

I'm telling you right now, on this date, the 25th of July, this team is on the brink of implosion... not the Mets, as we all thought, but the Phillies.

When you have, what many perceive to be a leader of a team, a company, an organization, whatever... acting in such a manner, with such callous regard for the rules that EVERYONE is supposed to follow... anarchy is not far behind.

Ok, call me a fatalist if you must but the next 4-5 days will tell a lot about where this team will finish in 2008. Mark it down.

So I ask you again... Is Jimmy Rollins the new T.O.?

Til next time.


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Anonymous said...

How can you say the manager is not a disciplinarian? Isn't this the guy who has now benched the reigning NL MVP twice in the same season? Once again, as most so- called Philadelphian fans do you are overreacting to the extent of hyperbole. You were oddly quiet a month or so ago when the Phils were playing well and atop the division. Now that they have hit a rough spot and the gloves have come off. I have said it before and it warrants saying again. You are the stereotypical Philadelphia fan. It is you and those of your ilk that perpetuate the negative stereotypical connotation that the true fans of the Philly teams must endure. Go ahead bash away and while you are at go throw a snow ball at Santa Claus. It makes for good blog and even better sports-talk radio. It's always the same old story with you guys. Blah-blah-blah. I am shocked you didn't work your other favorite whipping boy, Andy Reid into this one. Wait, that will be tomorrow. I'd rather be called naive then a bitter, nay-sayer who can never say anything positive about anything. Shame on you.