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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Real Crowd Teaser...

You know it's a shame that it appears that once again, the Philadelphia Phillies will treat its fans to the ultimate of teases. And once again it will be their offense doing all the teasing as their pitching staff is anything but a tease. No they are, as many athletes like to say... what they are: mediocre at very best and perhaps that is being kind. A guy like Esteban Loaiza becomes available and we don't even make inquiries? JD Durbin? C'mon Pat, give us some credit.

You know what that sweep of the Mets means right now? Donuts, as Michael Keaton said in "Gung Ho" when asked how many points he allowed to the opposing star guard once he was assigned to defend him. For the slightest of moments I allowed myself to get caught up in the hysteria following the Mets sweep.

But then reality set in in the form of those going-nowhere-fast Florida Marlins and to quote Peter Cetera "well here we are again... I guess it must be fate." Yes I am now quoting Peter Cetera/Cher duets. And yes I am on medication.

'Til next time.


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Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of these self proclaimed cynical fans. You're cynical because you like the safety of never having to admit you're wrong. You like to play on both sides of the fence. If the Phillies win you're on the bandwagon if they lose you're off. For once take the leap and enjoy the ride. It ain't easy being a Phillies fan, I'll admit it. It takes work. Cynical fans are lazy.