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Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Eagles, as I see them in '07... etc

On August 30th, I wrote in this very BLOG that I think the Birds will go 9-7, perhaps 10-6 with a break. I am firmly standing behind my prediction.
  • I see them 3-1 after the first 4 weeks, losing to either the Packers or Giants.
  • Following the BYE, lose 2 in a row to the Jets and Bears to go even at 3-3.
  • Beat the Vikings & Cowboys to go 5-3 at the halfway point of the season.
  • Win the next 2 against the Skins & Dolphins to go 7-3.
  • Lose the next 2 against the Pats and Seahawks to go 7-5.
  • Split the next 2 against the G-Men & Boys to go 8-6.
  • Split the next 2 against the Saints & Bills to finish 9-7.
10-6 is certainly a possibility and it would not surprise me in the least.

But right now, having performed this "game by game" exercise I come up with 9-7.

My rationale: one word: DEFENSE. The preseason is just a fancy name for exhibition, some would argue and to an extent I would agree with that BUT you cannot simply dismiss the way the Eagles First Team Defense looked against some pretty basic packages teams were throwing at them.

What's going to happen to when offensive coordinators actually sit down and game plan specifically to attack this Eagles Defense?

I will never be the kind of fan who wears the green-tinted eye ware and as such I will always call it as I see it.


So Cole Hamels wants a chiropractor of his very own. Boo freakin hoo. What is this guy, like 12 years old? When I was 12 I wanted a Farrah poster. But did I get that? Noooooo!!! I had to settle for a poster of Bea Arthur. Not exactly the same thing to a 12 year old boy if you know what I mean.

Plus little Cole also tells us that he may not come back this year if the Phils are not in the race. Well gee Cole, I'd sure hate to put you out or anything and ask that you come back if you don't want to. You may go out and call your mommy or something.

As for yesterday's meltdown of mind-blowing proportions... I am reminded of what the New York Metropolitans did subsequent to being swept just a short time ago, including blowing some leads themselves. Did we all not predict permanent doom & gloom for the Mets? Did we all not wonder aloud that not only could the Phils win the Wild Card, they could win the damn division!

Well if memory serves me, the New York Metropolitans, after being humbled in Philly, proceeded to rattle of, what, 5 straight wins? Or something like that. The actual number of consecutive wins is irrelevant. What IS relevant is how they responded.

And this was not just one game... the Mets lost FOUR STRAIGHT games to the team that is chasing them. That's baseball heresy.

So it will be most interesting to see how this Phillies team responds.

Of course I guess I should mention that the Mets rattled off those consecutive wins with a little better pitching staff than what has been amassed here.

Yeah, pitching does help a little, doesn't it?

'Til next time.


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Anonymous said...

I don't see them losing to both the Jets and the Bears. Who quarterbacks the Jets again? And the Bears? Tailor made for the Eagles. Bears offense blows and while their defense maybe formidable, the Eagles offense will score points. They play the Seahawks at home, the week before the Seahawks play St. Louis in St. Louis so teams traveling across the country 2 weeks in a row...not so good for them. And they play the Bills at home. Bills suck. Eagles are awesome in December. Once again I think you take a pessimistic viewpoint merely to be the guy who says, "I told you so".

Stop calling the team from New York "the Metropolitans", they're the Mets. Makes you sound pedantic.