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Friday, September 30, 2011

Wish Upon A Hero

Those that know me know that I love to help people. I truly do... I think we all need to pay it forward as much as we can.

It is with that I tell you about Wish Upon A Hero. They are an organization that helps people be heroes... literally. This is a one of a kind service designed to connect those in need with people that can truly change their lives.

Check out their site to learn all about them but for now, they need your help. 

Chase Community Giving, a part of JP Morgan Chase, is giving away away $5.5 million to charities all over the country and Wish Upon A Hero is in the running to receive a portion that. 

And with the money, Wish Upon A Hero can grant a lot of wishes for a lot of very special people. 

Please click on this link to vote. The deadline is October 5. 

Thank you!  

Full disclosure: My employer, The Star Group, provides the marketing, advertising and PR for Wish Upon A Hero.



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