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Friday, September 2, 2011

I Hate You...

Those who know me know that it's very hard for me to actually hate someone - my wife tells me all the time that I'm too nice. Not that she goes around hating people per se... She is in fact the most honest, forthright, integrity-laden person I know. 

Truth be told I don't hate any one in particular but rather I hate the kind of person some people are, if that makes any sense.

Here's what I mean...

I hate you:
Moms & Dads of younger children who seem to believe they are parents only for the tax deductions. You know the kind, the kind that allow their children - their far-too-young children freedoms not normally afforded at such a young age. They allow their far-too-young children to roam unattended in a world that in case you haven't noticed is filled with some not-so-nice people. Every 40 seconds in the US a child goes missing or is abducted. Every 40 freaking seconds!  I see it every single day and I hate them for not doing their job. That's right, this is your job and you will never have a more important one. So get off your freaking ass and do your goddamn job. I would love to be able to fire you from your job but... 

I hate you:
People who prey on the helpless and those in need. Hurricane Irene has caused millions of dollars of damage as well as causing an endless amount of heartache and emotional suffering, yet there they are... the scammers, always at the ready to take full advantage of people in their time of need. Online scams, contractor scams and on and on and on... My God, what is wrong with people?

I hate you: 
People who have no respect for anyone but themselves, and maybe not even then, either. You know the kind, the kind who take advantage of your niceness (see above) and wait to the last minute to break a commitment, knowing you won't be too upset because you're such a nice guy or girl. People who promise something then don't deliver. I know this is also a major pet peeve of my friend Nick Lanciano. Taking advantage of someone in ANY context is deplorable and this particular one really pisses me off...

I hate you: 
People with hidden agendas who are not so hidden. I've come across this more times than I count in my professional life. You know the kind, the kind that look you in the eye, tell you they're your friend - take advantage of your niceness (see above) yet all the while have plans in the works to completely undermine you all for the sake of making themselves look better.

I hate you:
Rude, arrogant, jerkfaced assholes who strut around (yes, they actually strut) as if they're better than you because they make more money than you do, have a nice car, nicer house or these days, have more followers than you, have a higher Klout score or whatever... I may hate these people the most. I don't make a lot of money and yes, I wish I made more because unfortunately the world is money-driven place and while I surely have no aspirations of being the richest man in the world, I do want to be able to provide a little more for my family and to help others in need, which brings me to...

I hate you:
People who are so damned cynical. There are those who would read the line above, the part where I say I want to help others in need and immediately dismiss it as being a load of crap. You know the kind, the kind who think EVERYONE is up to something, no one can be that nice; actually want to help others. Well I happen to take great joy in helping others and that and my niceness (see above) often times has people thinking I must be up to something, no one can that be nice.

And finally... I hate ME:  
I hate me for continuing to allow what other people think of me affect me. I'm getting better for sure but my wife, my rock, has told me since the beginning of time that I "...can't please everyone; there are those in the world who will not like you for whatever reason. Move on... the hell with them." And she is of course dead on. I can tell people this same thing, to not worry about what others say and think of you but why can't I practice what I preach? I hate that about me. And I love my wife and always will for believing in me when no one else did.

'Til next time...



Unknown said...

Man I LOVED this post!!!

I agree with every last bit you said. I quit allowing moochers a long time ago.

I don't subscribe to the 50/50 rule in relationships (whether friends, family, Wife, or Kids.)

I subscribe to the 100/100 rule. I go all out for the people I love and care about. I expect that in return. at the very least, if I'm always available for friends and family, I would hope they are in the rare occasion I need help. Those that bail on me over and over again... they go into the circular bin.

I only want to fill my life with people who are on the up and up. who take their knocks, shake em off, and move on. Failure isn't fatal, Success isn't permanent. Therefore, I keep on walking!

Keep the great posts coming man. I'll keep reading :)

The Fantasy Football Hub said...

Thank you sir... much appreciated for sure. I love your 100/100 rule... it sure as hell isnt asking for anything in return that you're not willing to provide in the first place...

Have a great and safe holiday weekend!

Dan Perez said...

I think you may be what is officially known as a "hater" :)
Hate is such a strong word, hating is almost like being drunk - you've allowed something else to control you somewhat (or a whole lot). I mean, I hate the Yankees (and their fans), Lebron James and the Miami Heat, the Dallas Cowboys (and their fans), I hate stupidity (as you well know) but I never let it get to the point where it consumes me or my thoughts.
There are so many stupid people out there, so many people who are gonna let you down, so many people who think they're better than you because of what they drive, but that's what makes those good people in your life so special.
Moreover, I don't think pound-for-pound there's anyone better than me (really). You may drive a better car but I'm a better dad, a better friend, a better son - there's always something we're better at than someone else. If your car is how you measure yourself, I measure myself by my daughter's high self-esteem, how I've made my life laugh every day we've been married. Who's right?
There are people kissing Chris Brogan's ass that, if they stopped and took a look at their own accomplishments (top producing salesperson for their company, teacher of the year, #1 Dad to their son, award-winning filmmaker, etc), they would reckon there's no good reason to idolize anyone and be happy with who they are.
Hate = bad...and you're better than that. We all are. Or at least, we should be :)

Smit said...

Dan I loved your comment! No one is better than me! Love that you tell it like it is.....Steve is not a hater....he's really not. I try to tell him to think of all the special people in his life and all those others do not matter.....do not matter! Thanks Dan!

Smit said...

Justin I love your 100/100 rule but sadly not all people think that way. Great comment back.

The Fantasy Football Hub said...

Hi Dan,

Like my much better half Smit says... I am really not a hater, at least not in the true sense :)

I, like you, hate sports teams - the Cowboys for sure - and I surely dont let that consumer me, my hatred for the Cowboys but... I do let what others say and think of me affect me and that bothers me to no end... it truly does.

"There are so many stupid people out there, so many people who are gonna let you down, so many people who think they're better than you because of what they drive, but that's what makes those good people in your life so special."

You are of course, dead on as is my wife... its all about perspective and keeping sight and my eye on what and who is truly important in my life...

Thanks for the kick in the ass, Dan... hope we can meet in person one day... :)

All the best,
Steve O

Anonymous said...

I had never even heard anything about you, until you made the disgusting comment about "100 nobodies" who died in a fire. What kind of humor is there in your "joke"? You really must be a sick individual to find humor in such tragedy. I suppose 9-11-01 was funny as well? Where did you learn such behavior; your parents, the circus, or both? You are allegedly 37 years old, but have the mentality of a 14 year old. Did the drugs screw you up? Couldn't handle them, could you? You are, by far, the most immature person at 37 years old that I have ever been exposed to. You need to be committed to a psych hospital, maybe for good...