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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This is something I wrote for my daughter Samantha many moons ago. It's one father's way of telling his daughter he will always be there for her.

And any dads out there with daughters, please feel free to use this for your own to show your little girl how much you love her.


In Your Eyes

©2002 Stephen Olenski

This is for my daughter, whose eyes are the windows to my soul…

In your eyes I see beauty like I have never seen before.
I see brilliant sunsets, the kind you can't ignore.

I see a future so alive and so bright,
It's all there just waiting to take flight.

I see an innocence so pure and so true,
It's what makes you so special,
It's what makes you… you.

I see you growing up way too fast,
I wish you could stay young forever,
I wish these days could last.

I see the teenage years, when you start to date,
I see my hair falling out cause you're getting home late.

I see you going off to school; and off to learn,
I see you needing my help, you’ll know where to turn.

I see you meeting someone who will make your heart skip a beat,
And the same thing happens to him. Ain't it neat?

I see a mature young woman, at your feet lies the world,
But never forget, you'll always be My Baby Girl.

I love you Monkey Girl.


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t said...

Love it. I have three daughters and two sons. My oldest walked down the aisle in August and both she and my other daughter are now home owners. It goes so fast. My youngest daughter is 8 so I get to repeat all the stages. It's incredible how fast it goes...I love every minute. Great piece.