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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Morning After

Good morning everyone,

Please stand and remove your hats…

Ok, let’s get busy…

In chronological order…

8:12PM EST
I hand MQ an autographed picture of The Nature Boy and a calendar for Green Fans The Movie. He seems to relish the picture more. Not sure what to make of that.

8:23PM EST
MQ and I put away some of Mickey D’s finest.

8:47PM EST
Efficient opening drive for the Eagles offense culminates in TD catch by Kevin Curtis.
Eagles 7
Browns 0

8:57PM EST
Thanks to drop by a guy named Dinkins (who?) the Browns waste their own good opening drive and settle for 3.
Eagles 7
Browns 3

9:04PM EST
I ask MQ if Reggie Brown is playing tonight. He throws me a look as if to say “like it matters.” Even his non-verbal actions are gold… pure gold.

9:08PM EST
Reading the scroll along the bottom of the screen, I see another NBA coach fired (Reggie Theus by the Kings), making him the 6th coach fired in this very young NBA season. I guess that would be call job in-security.

9:10PM EST
Eagles fail to convert a first and goal and settle for 3.
Eagles 10
Browns 3

9:18PM EST
Eagles D forces a punt.

9:23PM EST
Scroll tells me Charles Barkley says race played a role in his alma mater Auburn hiring Gene Chizik to be their new head football coach and NOT former Nebraska star Turner Gill. Not sure he’s wrong. Here’s the ESPN story.

9:29PM EST
DeSean Jackson, from the Wildcat position, throws a pick in the end zone. The Eagles are letting this inferior team hang around.

9:35PM EST
Asante remembers this is Ken freakin Dorsey after all and steps in front of a poorly thrown pass; next stop the end zone.
Eagles 17
Browns 3

9:42PM EST
Trent Cole exchanges pleasantries with Ken Dorsey; Brownies go 3 and out

9:45PM EST
36-year old Willie McGinest runs down Donovan… from behind

9:53PM EST
Another goal-to-go, another INT for the Birds Offense; this time a terrible throw by McNabb. Once again, letting a weaker team hang around. Half time. And almost the 3rd time the Eagles allowed a TD to be scored as the first half ended.
Eagles 17
Browns 3

9:59PM EST
On the Food Network there is a gentleman identified as a “cough drop expert” which causes MQ to ponder… ‘how does one become a cough drop expert?

10:08PM EST
Mike Tirico says “the Browns are still in the game” which causes MQ to exclaim: “they’re not in the game… they don’t even score in practice!”

10:24PM EST
Reggie Brown’s name surfaces then sinks like the dead weight that he is.

10:29PM EST

Settling for a FG against the Browns is akin to lost possession.
Eagles 20
Browns 3

10:46PM EST
Eagles 23
Browns 3

10:52PM EST
Stewart Bradley INT follows a rare Donte Stallworth sighting.

10:56PM EST
Greg Lewis… Greg freaking Lewis scores a TD. Might be time to start revving the engines on the Browns plane.

11:08PM EST
Browns Def TD… yawn

11:13PM EST
Someone wakes up Sav Rocca, tells him he has to punt.

11:14PM EST
Santa snowball reference, just a matter of time.

11:15PM EST
Tony Kornheiser uses the word “fissure” for the 2nd time and I now use the word “pompous” for the first time

11:30PM EST
Ball game.

The Bottom Line...
The Eagles did what they needed to; beat a very, very bad Browns team. Move on to the Skins.

Til next time.

As always, time's yours, food's mine.


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