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Monday, December 15, 2008

I realize I'm somewhat late in my posting today, but forgive me, I was busy working on my acceptance speech as the new US Senator from the great state of Illinois. I just bought the seat on eBay for $19.95.

Let's take a quick drive by of the NFL landscape...
Cowboys Shrink Giants. Ah, all is well in Romo-ville. I heard Witten, Romo and TO went out after the game and sang karaoke til the wee hours of the morning. But then TO got a little miffed when Romo and Witten sang a duet of "You're the One That I Want."

Panthers Saddle Broncos. Next week the Panthers take on those G-men for sole place in the NFC. I'm thinking #27 will suit up for the Giants.

Steelers De-Wing Ravens. Hard to believe this is the same Steelers team the Eagles beat earlier in the season. Next week Big Ben et al, visit the Titans for sole place in the AFC. Man, can there be two bigger games on ONE weekend?

Patriots Indiana Jones' the Raiders. It's a tough call as to which franchise is more moribund and inept... the Raiders or the...

Colts De-Claw Lions. Honestly, after watching the highlights and reading accounts from their games, I would say the Raiders, despite the fact they've actually won a few games, are in fact more moribund and more insept than the winless Lions. And oh yeah, the Colts have won 7 in a row. But I'm not buying into it... yet.

Jets Buffalo Bills. If there's such a thing as unimpressive win, this was it.

Texans Remembered the Titans. Ok, tell me if you've heard this before. It's 4th and short. Very crucial situation; you don't make the first down, you lose... simple as that. Instead of running the ball, you decide to pass. But instead of throwing a short out or something, you go for the proverbial home run and swing and miss. Game over. Is that a scenario right out of the Andy Reid playbook or what? What was Jeff Fisher thinking?

Bengals TeePee the Redskins.
Wow. How the overrated have fallen. Losing 3 straight this time of the year will get you a preferred tee time at the local course of your choosing.

Dolphins Flipper Niners. Tied for 1st with 2 weeks to play. Yeah, we ALL saw this coming.

As for the Birds... I expect them to play with a sense of urgency and to win by double digits going away. Oh wait, these are the Eagles who relish playing down to their competition.

Eagles 27. Browns 21. Late TD by Westbrook wins it.

You probably need to be 35+ to get this next reference...
Remember when you were a kid and it was time to get new shoes? Not sneakers, but shoes. When I was kid, my "dress" shoes were always Buster Browns. I loved them. But even when I would get angry at my mom or dad or one of my brothers or sister, I would never deface such a fine piece of American craftsmanship.

I wonder if the shoes this guy hurled at the leader of the free world were Buster Browns...

And finally comes this story from South Florida regarding Nestle...
You know Nestle, the company that makes a gazillion food products.

Seems they are threatenting to sue Miami-Dade county if they don't stop running a series of Radio ads which tout the virtue of Miami-Dade's tap water as cheaper, purer and safer than bottled water.

See, among the gazillion foods Nestle makes, bottled water is one of them... a big one. How big? Well to the tune of $4 billion dollars a year. I'd say that's pretty big.

Keep in mind, the name Nestle does not appear anywhere in the radio ads. In fact no bottled water is mentioned by name.

But that hasn't stopped Big Nasty Nestle from flexing its corporate muscles.

Why? Well, consider Florida ranks third behind Texas and California in bottled water sales, gulping more than 575 million gallons a year.

Yeah that might play a small role into why this corporate giant doesn't want the public getting any crazy ideas, like, oh I don't know... the notion that they don't NEED to drink bottled water.

The bottled water companies probably don't want the public to know that according to the Sierra Club, four billion plastic bottles end up in landfills each year, which also generate more than two and a half million tons of carbon dioxide and require the energy equivalent of 17 million barrels of oil to make — enough to top the gas tanks of more than a million cars.

I'm gonna let the brilliant Louis Black have the last word...
Lewis Black - Bottled Water (shorter)

Til next time.


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