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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rankings, Etc...

One final thought on this past Sunday's loss to the G Men before I get to my NFL rankings.

The great Ray Didinger first brought up this very-telling statistic: In their last 11 games that were decided by 7 points or less, our Philadelphia Eagles are a resounding 1-10.

To me this gets translated into this team, this staff cannot handle/respond to the pressure of a close game. Obviously there are a handful of key plays in every game and the tighter the game the more key plays you have; every decision is important, every play call is magnified and let's face it, some people...

For some reason the Robert Palmer song Some Like It Hot seems relevant. Not sure if you know the song but part of the chorus is this:

Some like it hot and some sweat when the heat is on,
Some feel the heat and decide that they cant go on.

Nuff said.

The Ranked Teams & Those That Are Just Rank...
It's been a while, but this is how I see the current Top 10 NFL landscape:

1. Titans - I realize the Giants have but one loss and are the defending champs and anyone outside of Nashville would be hard pressed to tell me if Michael Roos was the Titans starting offensive linesman, defensive lineman my 3rd Grade English Teacher (translation: no one knows anything about the Titans) -- the fact remains they are 9-0; undefeated; unblemished; unsullied
2. Giants - I think this Giants team is actually better than last year's model and that's pretty scary
3. Ravens - They do the two things that are most important to win a game (listen up Andy). They run the ball and defend the run. They, along with the Vikings are the only team in the Top 5 in Rushing Offense & Defense.
4. Panthers - Hardly infallible, this is where the drop off begins to the next group of teams.
5. Steelers - Kind of one of those "eh" teams meaning, 'what'ya think of the Steelers this week? Eh. Not good, not bad.
6. Redskins - huuuuuge came coming up vs. the Boys; can Shaun Alexander spell Clinton Portis if #26 can't go?
7. Falcons - yeah, ok raise your hand if you had the Falcons at 6-3 at this point in the season? Yeah right, put your hand down.
8. Bucs - Another "eh" team; like em, don't love em; also getting a little more than tired of the whole Gruden/Chucky scowl
9. Colts - Watch out kids, they could be back; amazing what having Bob Sanders in their lineup does for them
10. Patriots - Still not sold on Cassell, but the teams remaining don't light my fire so the Pats sneak in at #10

Oh, where are the Eagles? Probably somewhere in the high teens/low 20s, right there with the Bills, Vikings, Bears of the world.

Finally. have to share these two incredible football plays a buddy of mine sent me.

Play #1

Play 2

Til next time.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Worst coach in the NFL.

Lets for one moment forgive his talent evaluation.

His record in close games is mind blowing, it almost falls into the blind squirrel category. How has he not stumbled into a couple more wins on sheer luck alone?

His time management is another glaring hole in his game, so are in game adjustments. He is now being being outcoached on a weekly basis by the better coaches in this league. Earlier in his tenure he was able to feast on the NFC for two reasons, he was at the time the better coach, AND more importantly he had at the time one of the top 3 QB's in the league who could will those teams on by himself.

NOW lets get back to talent evaluation.

James Thrash...seriously?
Little John Smith....seriously?
Moats and lets not forget our westbrook clone in booker. Talk about value with that trade.

YET they won't trade a 2nd round pick for tony G...makes sense.

And there isn't an award for who can stay really far under the salary cap and trade 1st round picks for next years picks....That carolina trade is looking great right about now huh? We could have felix jones AND Desean....

And now onto the running backs, not having a FB is a glaring mistake but even larger is NOT having a change of base RB. The giants have fucking three of them! We just have small quick guys. SUPER!

I will end by saying this. We have trained monkeys how to use sign language, yet in 10 seasons he has refused to learn or adapt. He still makes the same bad calls, pisses away time-outs, drops clock management and makes bad draft picks more often then good ones....Boy I sure hope we draft some more fastball defensive players OR better yet some more "project" players.

He is garbage and always will be, but I think its fair to say he is average and we deserve better.