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Friday, September 5, 2008

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Here are the results of the 2008 Eagles Survey... draw your own conclusions.

Q.1 How many games will the Eagles win in 2008?
  • 11 (32%)
  • 9 (32%)
  • 10 (22%)
  • 8 (8%)
  • 12+ (6%)
  • 7 or less (0%)
Q.2 The Eagles' biggest strength this year will be...
  • McNabb's & Westbrook's health
  • Their secondary
  • Defense
  • Defensive Backfield
  • Donovan McNabb
  • Brian Westbrook
Q.3 The Eagles' biggest weakness this year will be...
  • Andy Reid's arrogance...once again!!
  • Wide receivers
  • Boy would it be nice to have someone to throw to... our inability to draw a double team in coverage will allow defensive to send the hounds
  • 1. Wide receivers / 1-a - Andy Reid
  • Run Defense
  • Their Red Zone offense, which will continue to be less effective than other purported Super Bowl contenders.
  • The Coach
Q.4 Can the 2008 Eagles compete for the Super Bowl?
  • Yes (55%)
  • No (45%)
Q.5 Who will win the NFC East in 2008?
  • Cowboys (68%)
  • Eagles (29%)
  • Giants (3%)
  • Redskins (0%)
Q.6 Will Donovan McNabb play in every "meaningful" game this year?
  • Yes (74%)
  • No (26%)
Q.7 Even with the injury to Kevin Curtis, the Eagles still need a true #1 WR.
  • True (90%)
  • False (10%)
Q.8 Overall, the Eagles Defense will be better this year.
  • True (94%)
  • False (6&)
Q.9 Andy Reid should relinquish his role as GM and concentrate solely on coaching.
  • True (enough is enough, he's had plenty of time to show he can evaluate talent and clearly he can't do both jobs) (58%)
  • False (he's doing a fine job juggling both roles) (29%)
  • Neither (he should be fired from both positions) (13%)

Q.10 Please add any additional comments you have regarding the 2008 Eagles here.
  • I'm tired of Andy Reid's arrogance, Joe Banner's weasle-ness and Jeff Lurie's gold standard.
  • Hi Chad, Hi Anquan, Hi Roy Williams, Hell, hi Mike Quick... wish you were here. If #5 is healthy & Westbrook is healthy all year assuming minimal teamwide injuries I think it will be Eagles vs Cowboys to come out of the NFC. I think defense & special teams have improved. However, they must win in spite of Andy Reid. Lousy on game day.(can't/won't adjust); Passes the ball 65% of the time with mediocre WR corp. Still can't manage the clock or time outs. No offensive sense of urgency/ takes too long to get plays off , so no tempo. Doesn't play rookies. Won't establish a running game. Always have trouble on Opening day & game before a BYE. Poor record against AFC & 3-4 Front defenses. Always takes "full responsibility" and says "we have to do a better job with that" and nothing changes. His act is real old. He should have been gone after the the loss to the Panther's in the playoffs many years ago
  • The true test will be the Linebacking core. These unproven young guys have a lot of pressure on them and I hope they can make big plays in big games. GO BIRDS
  • They should win 10 games and while I don't see them competing for a Super Bowl, they should win a playoff game.
  • Watching the young linebackers go wild, make mistakes and (hopefully) learn from them will be fun this year. Having return men with speed and agility will also be something new.
  • Same old, same old
  • Safe to say we are all hoping for a big comeback season for Donovan. It will be a tough road ahead for him however with our lack of offensive line.
  • They wont compete for a Superbowl again until joe banner and Jeffrey Lurie focus more on a strategy to win rather than a strategy to make money.
  • The 2008 Eagles will be improved over last season but I fear their lack of big play capabilities will be their downfall.
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