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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Favre & the Flyers...

Poor Mrs. Favre, I mean to lose her husband at such a young age is...

What's that? Brett Favre DIDN'T die?

Are you sure because ESPN and others are surely acting like he did. I mean just watching SportsCenter the last 24 hours has seen a seemingly endless stream of quotes and comments that sure sounded like those who were saying them were eulogizing Mr. Favre.

There's also been an ad nauseum highlight reel of Mr. Favre in action from over the past 17 years.

Are you quite sure he didn't die? Ok, if you say so but I am already making plans for being off work next year come January 20, 2009 and every January 20th henceforth.

Why? Duh... this day will obviously be granted federal holiday status as we honor the day that Brett Favre played his last professional football game. I wonder if there'll be trash pick up that day or if post offices and banks will be open?

Ok, so I am being a little melodramatic in my comments toward the outpouring of love and affection for Brett Favre but you must admit it was and continues to be, over the top, does it not?

I mean can Mt. Rushmore be far behind? Something tells me if ESPN had their way they'd find a way to squeeze out Teddy Roosevelt and replace him with #4. Jeez today on SportsCenter they had a quote from Corey Webster, a Giants cornerback, on what it was like to face Brett Favre.

Why would I give a you-know-what to hear what Corey Webster had to say about Brett Favre? Are you kidding me? Why do I get the feeling that Corey Webster just happened to be accessible as they (ESPN) were desperate to get a quote from a defensive back who played against Favre.

Here's what I think:

Brett Favre will be remembered as one of the greatest, gutsiest and fiercest warriors to ever play football, let alone quarterback and the corresponding pounding those who play that position endure game in, game out. To do it as long as he did and as well as he did, for the most part, is truly amazing and his consecutive streak will never be broken, least of all by another quarterback. I also don't think anyone will ever replicate his feat of 3-straight MVP awards.

But can we please put a moratorium on the Favre-elous tributes for a little while, at least until we actually know for sure he means it this time?

You Want Some Cheese With That Whine...?
Ok, perhaps that's a bit harsh in describing the Flyers blaming their loss last night to the Sabres on a "blown call", as coach John Stevens called it.

But help me out here, did the Flyers lose the game as a direct result of that goal? Did they lose by one goal? The supposed "blown call" goal?

The answer of course is no.

The goal in question, scored by the Sabres' Derek Roy, came with the game tied 2-2 and the teams skating 4 a side. But, as John Stevens correctly pointed out, "They (Sabres) had five guys on the ice by 60 feet," which should have not only negated Roy's goal but resulted in a Too Many Men On The Ice Penalty against the Sabres.

But the officials blew the call, and no Leon Stickle was nowhere to be found.

But... BUT the goal was scored just a little over a minute into the 3rd Period meaning the Flyers had over 18 minutes to regroup from such an egregious and heinous act.

Instead the Sabres scored again, legitimately this time, just 18 seconds later to go up 4-2. They would add their 5th and final goal at the 5:57 mark.

So while the "blown call" certainly did not help, it also was not the reason the Flyers lost the game.

As Roy himself put it after the game, "We [still] played better than them in the third period."

And that's why the Flyers lost.

Stop making excuses boys.

'Til next time.


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