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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The State of the NFL...

Rankings from #1 to whenever I feel like stopping...

1. Patriots. Stop already with "the poor Colts aren't getting any respect." The Colts are supposed to move up to #1 because they crushed the Jags while the Patriots "allowed" 28 to the Fish? Please.

2. Colts. I know you are the defending champions. And if it were ANY team other than the Pats, you'd be #1. Would it make you feel better if I made you 1B to their 1A?

3. Detroit Shock. Sorry no other NFL team warrants a ranking this high and the Shock are 24-11 and have clinched a playoff berth, best conference record AND best overall record.

4. DC United. They're 16-7 and lead the MLS Eastern Conference. Other than that, I know nothing else about them nor care to. What I do know is no NFL team is worthy of the #4 ranking.

5. Giants. Yeah, I went there. Didn't want to, but where else am I gonna go? Dallas? No, not yet, but soon. Face it, the G Men are playing well.

6. Cowboys. A notch behind the Giants but still a very good team.

7. Packers. The ageless one plus a solid D makes for a pretty good team.

8. Steelers. Lead the league in giving up just 13 points per game despite surrendering 31 to the Broncos this past week.

9. Jags. It's at this point where we can pretty much group the next 4-5 teams as they're pretty much the same.

10. - 14. Titans, Chargers, Redskins, Ravens, Seahawks

15. Chadron State. The Eagles are 8-0 and in first place in the Southwest region and #3 in the country in Division II football. Quick, where is Chadron State? Answer later.

16. - 18. Broncos, Bucs & Bears... oh my!

After this point in the rankings, do any of the remaining teams actually scare anyone?

The Panthers, Browns, Chiefs, Lions, Bills, Saints...? Please...!!!

Perhaps the Eagles are the best of this bunch and isn't that a ringing endorsement??!!

Congratulations Eagles! Among the bottom feeders of the NFL, you're least bottom! Whoo Hoo!!!

'Til next time.

Chadron State is located in Chadron, Nebraska.


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