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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Week That Will Live In...

Okay maybe not infamy but this coming week has the potential to become part of Philadelphia sports lore years from now.

With just 6 games to play, the Phillies are tied for the National League Wild Card. Tied! From the atrocious and potentially season-ending start to the season back in April to the middle of the season peaks & valleys that often left us wondering aloud as to the ultimate fate of this team and its manger -- the Phillies find themselves on the playoffs precipice. Whitey said it best, "Hard to believe, Harry."

Many are debating whether or not this will in fact be the year that the Phillies break down that wall and make the playoffs. Bridesmaids past, perhaps this year they wear white.

One thing is for sure: The 2007 version of the Philadelphia Phillies have been the most enjoyable to watch and the most spirited team since the '93 squad. No question about it.

I wonder if de facto GM Pat Gillick would settle for 2 out of 3 over the next two series as he stated earlier in the year? Or do you think he would go out on a limb and suggest the Phils actually win every game the rest of the way? Nah, Pat Gillick is like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan: Sleepless in Seattle.

And there's our old buddy Ed Wade. Wasn't that very neighborly of him to trade OF Jason Lane to the Padres just in time for these oh-so-critical stretch of games? I know he had to pass through waivers and the Phils could have blocked the deal but... did he (Wade) have to trade with the team that the Phils happen to be tied with! And hell, why not just trade them Lance Berkman and Roy Oswalt, too!

Thanks Ed!

Gonna dial up a hockey euphemism here: It's gut check time for the Phils.

And lest we forget, the week will also culminate in the Eagles taking on the G-Men in the Meadowlands.

If they lose this game, and their record under Andy Reid heading into a bye is less than stellar, they will be 1-3 and potentially out of the playoff mix.

On the flip side, the Eagles record under Andy Reid post bye week is flat-out amazing and history has shown us that the Eagles can get on a roll and rattle 5-6 straight wins.

I will make my pick later in the week but right now, it's a close call as to whom I see winning this game.

'Til next time.


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Anonymous said...

A real stretch ripping Ed Wade for his trade of a guy who wasn't even hitting .200. Who cares. Typical of Phillies fans like yourself. You all have a pre-disposed bag of tricks you dig into when you have nothing or no one else to criticize. Slow news day but you have to tear into somebody. Must have had to dig down real deep to pull up Ed Wade considering he hasn't worked in 2 years. Why not give Wade some credit for the success of the Phillies this year. Wasn't it under his watch that guys like Rollins, Utley, Hamels and Howard were developed? Selective memory is convenient.

Great picture though.