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Friday, September 21, 2007

All things Eagles...

First, my thoughts on the game vs. the Lions and then my thoughts on the recent Donovan McNabb comments.

My spidey senses are telling me this is a must win game. I know, I know it's very perspicacious of me to say that, but hey, I'm not called the poor man's Kreskin for nothing.

To say this team is hard to get a read on is a gross understatement. I thought and fully expected them to come out last week guns blazing but, as it has been the case more often than not in the Andy Reid era -- those games that we (the fans) peg as ones that the Eagles will be MOST fired up for are those that they play completely flat and lifeless.

Exhibits A & B are both against the Bucs. The last game at the Vet, AKA the 2002 NFC Title Game and Monday night, September 8, 2003, AKA the first regular game at Lincoln Financial Field.

But I digress...

The key of course on Sunday will be how the Eagles Defense matches up against the Lions Offense. Jon Kitna is a gunslinger and Mike Martz is a pretty fair one himself. And now he has the weapons in place and it is showing.

Yes we all want to see Donovan show progress and an Eagles Offense that actually move the ball and sustain some drives but to me, the key is how the Eagles D attacks the Lions Offense.

It will be imperative for them to do something they have not done to date and that is pressure the QB. Is Trent Cole even on the team anymore? How about Darren Howard? And Jevon Kearse was last seen on the side of a milk carton.

IF... the Eagles can get to Kitna, they can AND will win. A defensive TD by the Eagles would not surprise me, either. IF... the Eagles D cannot get to Kitna, well... there's always next year and let's go Phillies!

My pick:
Eagles 28
Lions 24

As for Donovan and his recent comments on HBO's Real Sports...

It saddened me, truly, when I heard his comments. It saddened me to hear someone like him "playing the race card"The other starting black NFC Quarterbacks, sans Steve McNair, have all essentially said the same thing which is they don't see nor experience the kinds of things Donovan made reference to.

So why does Donovan feel this way ?

I think his feelings and thoughts are from things that he perceives from both the local media and fans. I also think his mother & father play an extremely influential role in his life.

Everyone knows that Philadelphia is arguably the toughest place to be a professional athlete.

But to imply that the he (McNabb) must do a little more, as he put it, just because he is black is downright insulting to me as a fan of this team and one who has enough passion for this team to light up The Linc. To me that implies that we are more accepting or accept less from white athletes.

The last time I checked Mike Schmidt and Ron Jaworski were white. And these two athletes were both vilified and revered, often at the same time! If I had a dime every time my father thought we should've traded Schmidt or called him a bum I'd be a very rich man.

I cannot nor ever would speak for anyone other than myself and I know that I could give a rat's you know what as to what color someone is. If you perform well and try hard and make an effort, I don't care if you're pink, green or blue.

Unfortunately there are people out there who feel otherwise and base their entire decisions and thoughts on a person's skin color. And unfortunately those same people are breathing and using the same air as the rest of us are and there's nothing anyone can do to about them except ignore them.

And that's my message to Donovan: ignore them.

Til next time.


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