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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Phils and The Birds - my pick for 2007

I know this is an Eagles Blog, but...

I can honestly say that I have never seen a baseball game end the way last night's Mets/Phils game did. It was absolutely the right call and was absolutely a boneheaded play by Marlon Anderson.

Inching closer to the division lead and maintaining the place in the Wild Card standings, the Phillies are once again, poised to have a September to... well perhaps not remember but at the very least one to pay attention to.

We've been down this road before kids. Teasing and tantalizing the fans have become synonymous with back to school for the Phillies and their fans.

Will this year be any different? Obviously only time will tell.

But I am one prone to cynicism and perhaps its because I am a Philly sports fan and as such AND as much as I want to get excited about the possibility of the Phillies in the postseason, history tells me to temper my excitement with a dose of reality.

As for the Birds...

  • I see them 3-1 after the first 4 weeks.
  • Lose 2 in a row to the Jets and Bears to go even at 3-3.
  • Beat the Vikings & Cowboys to go 5-3 at the halfway point of the season.
  • Win the next 2 against the Skins & Dolphins to go 7-3.
  • Lose the next 2 against the Pats and Seahawks to go 7-5.
  • Split the next 2 against the G-Men & Boys to go 8-6.
  • Split the next 2 against the Saints & Bills to finish 9-7.
Now this of course is right off the top of my head going game by game thru the schedule. A break here, an injury there and who knows. 10-6 is certainly a possibility and it would not surprise me in the least.

But right now, having performed this "game by game" exercise I come up with 9-7.

Let the debate begin.


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