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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11th - Not Just Another Day

There are days throughout the year that have a "feel" to them, be it a holiday or a birthday, etc. These are not just another day(s) in our lives. We must add September 11th for it will never be just another day.

The post below is something I wrote years ago and I repost every year on this date. The reason I repost it is for the simple reason I want people to always remember what it felt like on September 11, 2001; to never forget what it was like that day. My fear is that people already have or will in the future treat September 11th just like any other day.

Kramer: What's today?
Newman: It's Thursday.
Kramer: Really? Feels like Tuesday.
Newman: Tuesday has no feel. Monday has a feel, Friday has a feel, Sunday has a feel...
Fans of Seinfeld will of course recall this classic exchange. As was the case with most things Seinfeld, this was an example of something we all could relate to. I mean days do have a feel, don’t they?
But it’s not just days of the week that have “feels” associated with them.
How does January 1st feel? Well that probably depends on what you did the night before.
How 'bout April 15th? Tax day. Doesn’t mean much cause you always get your taxes filed early, right? Or perhaps you are an habitual late-filer and this date causes you to break out in hives.
July 4th? Cookouts. Burgers. Dogs. Fireworks. Summer. Any of these ring a bell?
October 31st? Halloween. Costumes. Scary ghost stories. Soon as night falls it takes on a whole new feeling, doesn’t it?
December 24th? Anticipation. Excitement. Expectation.
December 25th? Family. Presents. Children. Santa. Snow. A certain euphoria and sense of family comes over us on this day, doesn’t it?
Your birthday? Your spouse's birthday? Your children's birthday?
ALL of these are special days in our lives each with their own unique feel to them.
These are all Not Just Another Day in our lives and on our calendars and in our blackberries and cell phones.
Well I think we must add September 11th to the list.
Right or Wrong, September 11th will NEVER just be another day. It can't be.
For if we allow it to become just another day, then we will have failed.
We will have failed to honor those lost that tragic day. Their memory will die. And we simply cannot nor should not allow that to happen.
September 11th? Personally it evokes feelings of: Fear. Anger. Outrage. Bewilderment. Disbelief. Revenge. Shock. Sadness. Innocence lost.
September 11th will NEVER just be another day.
Mark it down.


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