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Monday, March 25, 2013

LinkedIn Lady Show Interview March 22, 2013

Last year I had the honor of being a guest on The LinkedIn Lady Show hosted by the brilliant Carol McManus. 

Carol is a is a self-described recovering corporate executive who left that world in 2007 to start her own business. She grew it quickly with a very limited marketing budget but through the creative and diligent use of social media.

Today, she is one of the most sought-after speakers and consultants for businesses and entrepreneurs who aspire to grow their business by using this digital medium as a way to stay in touch with and attract new clients.

On Friday, March 22, 2013 I was once again Carol's guest and during the show we talked about Responsys - my employer who is a leading provider of email and cross-channel marketing.  Their services include email, mobile, social, the web and display. 

We also talked about some of my recent Forbes' articles and the state of advertising, marketing and branding in general.



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