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Thursday, June 7, 2012

In Honor Of Some Good Copywriting And My New Logo

As one who has written many headlines, taglines, slogans, billboards and any other short forms of copy, I can certainly appreciate a good line when I see one.

And I came across just such a line walking through Wal-Mart not long ago.

I was cruising through the summer "stuff" - the outdoor furniture, the pool supplies, all the lawn-type things and of course, the grills.

It was while walking past the BBQ grills that I came upon a display for Easy Off Grill Cleaner. At first I strolled right on by but then stopped and went back to see what was written on the side of of the display.

I don't know, of course, who penned this particular line and some of you may think "eh, it's an ok line" but I loved it.

Loved it because it spoke to me. Not literally of course, that would be a little creepy.

But spoke to me as a consumer and gave me a friendly edict if you will.

A kind of gentle warning, a subtle reminder, a... never mind, you get the idea.

See for yourself:

I also wanted to share something I am very excited about... my new logo.
My man Kemar Wedderburn of Pixel Ignite created this for me and I think it looks great but want to hear your thoughts on it.
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Lisa Richardson said...

It's a pretty catchy line. Got me thinking, too. The new logo seems perfect for this blog.

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