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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Unless you've been living under a rock - not that there's anything wrong with that, you know what Pinterest is, or at the very least have heard of it. 

It is of course the latest, greatest, hot new social media platform that every brand marketer, brand manager, product manager, CMO and really any marketer or advertiser on the face of the Earth is using as a means to engage their audience.

Or something like that...

Make no mistake about Pinterest is here to stay and its uses are still being debated and discovered quite frankly. 

A little while ago I wrote an article for Forbes titled Why Brand Managers Need To Take An Interest In Pinterest. 

Here's an excerpt:

The person who makes the majority of household purchasing decisions has developed an affinity for the latest and greatest social media platform, Pinterest. And brand managers and brand marketers would be very wise to take note.

...brand marketers and brand managers would also be wise to pay very close attention to what’s going on over at Pinterest HQ. 

As I mentioned, the person responsible for the majority of household purchasing decisions has developed an affinity, a trust even, with Pinterest.  That person of course is a woman/mom.

Click here to read the whole story.

Today I want to share an informative and helpful infographic re: marketing strategies and Pinterest.

It's great because it gives you some basic tips on all the different ways to use Pinterest. 

So tell me how are you using Pinterest both individually/personally but also for your business/company/brand, etc?

Or have you not jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon for any number of reasons.

Please do share your thoughts...



Kat said...

awwww thanks for this post. :) it really helps me finding out how to do marketing on Pinterest.
by the way, have you ever heard pinfaves dot com?
it's a great website where you can submit your favorite pins from pinterest.
you can also vote up the pins you like or vote down the pins you hate.
it's great, isn't it?
just go to pinfaves dot com and trust me, it's worth the try. :)


Nick Stamoulis said...

Pinterest is a visual medium. In order to capture attention of users it's important to create something that is visually appealing. Without that element content can get lost in the shuffle

http://ninjapinner.com said...

Making comments is a great Pinterest marketing strategy that can drive traffic too. When you hold your cursor over a pinned picture you see the “comment” tab, the “repin” tab, and the “like” tab. When you make a comment is stays with the picture, so whatever you say has the potential to catch peoples’ attention and drive traffic- so say something thoughtful. You might even consider some kind of “call to action” if it’s appropriate. In addition, Pinterest will notify the person who pinned the picture that a comment has been made and give them a link to respond to your comment, again giving you a chance to drive traffic.