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Friday, April 6, 2012

Be Honest, Would I Look Good In Leggings & A Tank Top?

File this one in the "maybe we should be a little more selective in who gets what email" file. 

As part of my ongoing search for new full time employment I am working with many recruiters and staffing firms in and around the greater Philadelphia area. And for the most part they've been great to work with. 

My contact at each firm sends me leads they think would make for a good fit with my particular skill sets and we go from there.
Today however I received the following email in my in box... (I won't say who sent me this email)


Hi Steve,

We are looking for a freelance size 8 fit model for our fashion client in Bucks County.

You do not need to have previous experience but qualified candidates MUST meet the measurements below and be available for fit sessions once a week.

·         Size: 8  
·         Height: 5'5 to 5'8
·         Chest: 34-36
·         Bust: 24-26
·         Waist: 26-28
·         Drop waist: 33-37
·         Hip: 38-40
·         Inseam: 32-33
·         Thigh: 24-26

If you are interested, please send hourly rate and the below specs. These specs MUST be accurate and exact. If you have not been measured, you will need to go to a tailor and get measured. Also provide photos (front, back, side) wearing leggings and a tank top with hair pulled back. You will not be considered without measurements and photos.


Now, as good as I may think I look in leggings and a tank top - I don't have enough hair to even pull back, so scratch that - what's much more disconcerting is the fact that I got this email in the first place.
Yes this could be nothing more than a slip of a keystroke but consider that this is the first such email I received from this particular agency since signing up with them.

This is the first job opportunity they sent me. 


There are how many people out there like me looking for a new job and are dependent on agencies such as this one to help them land said new job. 

And I get this?

I wonder how many other men in their database also received this?

And Lord knows this is not rocket science here. This is, if nothing else, going through your database and eliminating any name that sounds like a man's name! 

Sure if someone only has a first initial on their file there's no way of knowing the sex of that person but the last time I checked there are no women named Steve.

Stevie, yes

Stephanie even.

But Steve?

Ironically I just wrote an article for Forbes about how there are still some companies in 2012 that still don't even capture name and address of their customers.

Apparently there are some who don't know basic email marketing rules, either. 

Needless to say this particular agency is not making me feel all warm and fuzzy when it comes to helping me in my job search.

Ok, let the snarky comments commence. 

'Til next time,


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