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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Seinfeld, Bueller And Super Bowl Ads Go Retro

First off I cannot believe it has been so long since I last posted here. I know you weren't sitting around waiting for me but... you weren't, were you?

Anywho, I'm back baby... and speaking of Seinfeld (if you're a Seinfeld fan you'll pick up on the connection) he's back in a TV spot. No, not with Bill Gates again, thank God.

This time he's back shilling for Acura while Ferris Bueller, AKA Matthew Broderick is back doing the same for Honda. They will each appear in a TV commercial which will air during the Super Bowl and I have uncovered, through countless hours of research and espionage, extended versions of their respective ads.

Ok, I just went to YouTube...

Here they are, followed by some of my thoughts...

Acura... Personally I would have loved to seen more characters from Seinfeld in the spot, say have David Puddy as another car salesman in the showroom. Or have Jerry offer the guy who had the first spot a piece of the Oh Henry fortune and have Sue Ellen Mischke on hand wearing her infamous bra to entice him.

Honda... Again would have loved to have seen more characters, Ben Stein anyone? C'mon how could he not be in this?

From a production standpoint they're what you would expect when you have bottomless pockets to spend but clearly both car makers are hoping to capitalize on the nostalgia these characters hopefully evoke in viewers.

And it's also clear both are going after an older demographic, one that would connect with these stars/characters and of course would be able to afford the vehicles in the first place.

Would love to hear your thoughts...

Great to be back...

'Til next time,


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