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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Victims In The Penn State Scandal Needed A Few Good Men...

Many people have been asking me to share my opinion on the Penn State catastrophe - and make no mistake about it, this is a catastrophe of epic proportions - and while I won't go into great detail in this post as I am working on reviving the Not So Fab 5 to bring together ALL of our thoughts in one post.

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But today, I want to share something with you that occurred to me driving into work today.

As anyone who knows me knows I am a huge movie fan and I am one prone - like others in the Not So Fab 5 as well - to quote movies literally. I'll throw out lines from movies pretty much at any time of the day. Maybe it's a guy thing?

Anywho... One of my most oft-quoted movies is A Few Good Men. And no, I don't walk around saying "You can't handle the truth!" Hell that's too easy, everybody knows that line.

But today, driving to work, a line from the movie entered my thoughts as I was listening on the radio to the latest news surrounding Penn State.

See, Penn State and those poor victims and their families needed a few good men. Instead they got a few pathetic men. They got a few cowardly men. They got a few deplorable men.

The line was uttered by Lance Corporal Harold W. Dawson at the end of the movie. It's the very last line in the clip below and it's a line that collectively Joe Paterno, Mike McQueary, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz should have reverberating in their heads from now until the end of time.... literally.

Here's the clip... watch but listen... then re-listen... and re-listen again to the very last line in the clip:

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