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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Political Advertising, You Can Keep It

I, in case you don't know, have over 20 years experience in advertising and marketing. I've worked in Fortune 500 companies to companies with less than 10 people and points in between.

I love advertising and marketing. I have a passion for it. I love working on concepts, creatively developing them, flushing them out or flushing them down in some cases. But political advertising?

No thanks... at least not when I see ridiculousness like this...

This first one is from Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry, that is very well produced, the first half is exceptionally well done but unfortunately the second half turns into another example of using fear as a means to get elected into political office. And riding in on a horse? Really?

This next one makes the Rick Perry spot look like an ad for Johnson's Baby Shampoo... meek and mild. It's for someone named Dan Fanelli, a Republican who's running for Congress in the state of Florida.

And Mr. Fanelli is hell bent on taking fear mongering as well as racial profiling to a whole new level...

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