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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A leader in the making...?

Don't always get a chance to blog on the weekend (time constraints) and don't exactly have a ton of time right now but something happened this weekend that I wanted to share with you...

I was talking to my son... my 6-year old son that is, about responsibility and how we all must take it for our own actions. I can't recall what it was exactly he did to warrant such a discussion but rest assured it was something akin to a 6-year old. 

During our conversation I was trying to teach as any parent would and should. I was trying to teach him the lesson of taking responsibility... at one point he turned to me and said...

"If you did it, admit it..."

Now let those words resonate with you a few seconds then remind yourself that these words came from the mouth and brain and 6-year old boy.

Truth be told, I don't expect my son to adhere to his self-imposed mantra on a regular basis - he is 6 after all, but just the fact that he said those words without provocation was nothing short of amazing, at least to this father and male of the species. 

How many of us agree with "If you did it, admit it..." ?

How many of us live and breathe "If you did it, admit it..." ?

The word "leader" is, in my opinion, often overused and applied to many who are anything but (leaders)...

Today in Philly we will welcome back Donovan McNabb who of course is the former Eagles QB and is now in DC with the Redskins. The word leader was often associated with Donovan due in large part to the fact that is assumed the QB of a team is the de facto leader. 

That was not the case with Donovan McNabb. For one thing a leader never, ever has to or should say he is the leader, which is precisely what Donovan did a few years back. The minute you have to say, you ain't it. Sorry but dems the rules...

My "friend" Lisa Petrilli (I say "friend" because we have never met in person but I hope to one day) blogs about leadership, specifically C-Level Leadership on her blog. In fact her most recent post (at least it was as I was writing this, touches specifically on leadership and accepting responsibility. 

It's a blog I highly recommend...

As for me, I try... TRY to live by "If you did it, admit it..." but I am human and as such make mistakes, which I am none to proud of...

How about you? 

Would you admit it if you did something wrong be it in your personal or professional life?

Do you think that if you're not in a leadership role you don't need to live by "If you did it, admit it..." ?

Do you think ALL leaders should be required to live by "If you did it, admit it..." ?

Please share your thoughts...

Til next time,



Unknown said...


I'm always honored to be mentioned in your posts and even more so today as you talk about a very difficult subject - mistakes. It's funny - we seem to be on the same wavelength this week as my new post talks about whether we should regret our mistakes.

Nevertheless, yes, a true leader will admit mistakes and take ownership of them. And it may be one of the hardest things about leading. As humans, we don't like to fail, and I know that personally I dwell on how I'm letting others down.

You've made a very complex issue so crystal clear by sharing your son's wise words! Thank you for that - and thank you for your friendship!

All the best,

The Fantasy Football Hub said...

Hi Lisa,

You are so dead on re: "a true leader will admit mistakes and take ownership of them."

Unfortunately as you well know, many "leaders" do not admit mistakes and would rather throw the blame off on someone else... the word "scapegoat" comes to mind.

As for my son... clearly he gets all his intelligence and insight from him mother.

Have a great day and all the best!
Steve O

smitten said...

I believe seriously that"If we did it we must admit it". The truth always comes out no matter if we try and hide it. I try to live my life in the most truthful way possible.....do I fall from that path at times....yes! I just try and get back on track. Mom & Dad TOGETHER had a part in making that wonderful 6 yr old who he is so far! Great post!

The Fantasy Football Hub said...

Well as one who is "smitten" with Smitten, I can tell you that your humility aside, you have had a tremendous positive influence on who this 6 year old is AND will become...