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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Big Brother sees all...

Sarcastic Shocking News Alert...

Facebook Caught Sending User Data to Advertisers

That was the headline on the Mashable piece on May 20th. The piece tells the story of how Facebook, MySpace & other social networks have been sending data to advertising companies that could be used to find consumers' names and other personal details, despite promises they don't share such information without consent.

Wow, I am this close to being completely blown away by this apparent lack of respect, honor, decency... pick a word, they all fit.

The Mashable piece states...

"Large advertising companies including Google’s DoubleClick and Yahoo’s Right Media have received information including usernames and ID numbers that could be traced back to individual profiles as users clicked on ads. The data could potentially be used to look up personal information about the user, including real name, age, occupation, location and anything else made public on the profile. Both of the aforementioned companies denied being aware of the “extra” data they were receiving and claim they have not made use of it."

'Both of the aforementioned companies denied being aware of the “extra” data they were receiving and claim they have not made use of it.'

Isn't that akin to "I did not have sex with that woman."???

Not only is Big Brother watching, he's taking all the information he's gathered on you and selling it to highest bidder.

Of course, things are just coming up roses all over the Facebook landscape these days...

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is facing accusations of Securities Fraud. It all stems from  the out-of-court settlement Facebook made with a rival company whose owners claim Zuckerberg stole their source code design, and business plan for Facebook in 2003 when he briefly worked in the Harvard dorms as a programmer for their own fledgling social-networking site, now known as ConnectU.

I won't bore you with all the details, you can read it all about here.

Again, keeping with my not-so-shocked reaction theme... why would anyone be surprised by any of this?

C.mon people...

A "claim" that someone's not doing what they're supposed... keep the info on their customers private.

Another "claim" that someone stole an idea from someone else and is now richer beyond all human recognition.

And we're supposed to somehow be surprised, shocked, bewildered even?

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anadrol said...

I'm not surprised at all!