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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Long A.A.R.M. of Steve O...

ssemblage of
usings of an over-caffeinated, slightly ajar yet well-meaning writer.

Bless me people, it has been way too long since my last blog post...

I have to admit this set of "rambling musings" was brought on by one person... I will touch on a few other "things" but after hearing what this jackass had to say, I was compelled to get my thoughts, anger and downright disgust down on paper, er... the internet.

So, who is this lone offender and what did they say to drive me to this?

Well, no it was NOT Rush Limbaugh nor Pat Robertson, although they would be very good guesses indeed considering the absolutely sanity-deficient comments both of these "gentlemen" made re: the Haitian earthquake.

Actually if you want to read something that essentially sums up my thoughts on this particular topic, check this out...

Ok, so it's not Rush and it's Pat... so who is it?

Well, the person is in the sports world... sort of. He likes to think he's in the sports world wherein fact he is in his own world.

I am referring to the man many people call The Professor... John Clayton of ESPN.

Now, truth be told, I am taking my ire out at him but in reality my disdain and disgust is toward
ALL like him... AKA, the so-called "national experts" when comes to football.

I just happened to hear him on a local radio station and what he said set me off... literally. But trust me, he is hardly alone in his complete ignorant and uneducated stance on OUR Philadelphia Eagles.

How do I know this? Because anyone who has seen each and every snap, play, kick, run, pass, blown timeout, poor clock management of every single Eagles game since (insert date here) could not possibly believe what he said to be truthful.

The problem, my children, is that far too many people take what these "experts" tell us as Gospel.

'Well, they're on ESPN, they must know what they're talking about... they must know the truth, right?'


The first egregious and inane comment The Professor made was in speaking about the gap in talent between the Cowboys and the Birds. He essentially said, and obviously believes that the gap is not that great.

Ol' Johnny thinks the Cowboys finally stopped underachieving, which I completely agree.

But to say the gap in talent is not that great is beyond ludicrous. John, booby, the Eagles just did not lose, they were destroyed... DEE-STROYED! The gap in talent you refer to is Grand Canyon-esque...!!!!!!!!!!

"I think the Eagles can be talked into making the mistake of trading McNabb."

That was JC's response to the question of 'who will be the starting QB next year?'

He went on to call Donovan an "elite" quarterback.

Let's stop right there... have to get out the dictionary... hang on...

elite: the best or most skilled members of a group

If Donovan McNabb is one of the best or most skilled members of the group of NFL Quarterbacks, that to me is a clear indication of the dearth of elite quarterbacks, plain and simple...

Ok, moving on... what else did The Professor have to say...??

He went on to say he thinks Kevin Kolb, if handed the starting job, would not be able to win the close games...

Hmmmm.... refresh me there Professor, exactly how many close games has Donovan won again?

"The smart thing to do is keep McNabb and give him a 1-year extension."

It was at this point I seriously considering driving off the road into a ditch...


What exactly would Donovan McNabb do in 2010-11 that he didn't do the previous 10+ years???!?!!!

What makes you think next year would be any different???!!!

Jeezus, I'm getting fired up again just thinking about this jackass...

'I know by mid-season he (McNabb) was probably doing some of his best leadership particularly with that young group (referring to the Eagles' younger players)...

It was at this point I seriously considering driving headfirst into the nearest telephone pole...

"...some of his best leadership." That is arguably the single-funniest thing I have EVER heard...

There is more to the interview and if you want to listen to it, be my guest... here's the link...

But... do I need to say any more? Do I need to cite any more examples of just how out of touch John Clayton and those like him really are when it comes to the Eagles?

And EVERY other team... remember this the next time someone like Clayton or another "expert" espouses theories and thoughts on a given team and you start to take it as Gospel... chances are, it's not.

In the case of the Eagles and Donovan McNabb, you have a group of "experts" who look at numbers, plain and simple.

They look at statistics. They see gaudy numbers on McNabb's resume and wonder aloud how the people in Philly can't appreciate what they have.

It is the exact same logic they apply to Andy Reid.

But Lord, don't me started on that subject...

I said I would talk about more "stuff" but you know what...?

I can't... I emotionally and physically drained. Plus I have to go to the bathroom...

Til next time...

All the best,


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