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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Long A.A.R.M. of Steve O...

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Been nearly two weeks since my last posting... please find it in your heart to forgive me.

According to Johan Stenebo, who is the former
personal assistant to Ingvar Kamprad, President of Ikea, the Swedish-born company is one comprised of low-priced furniture, knick-knacks and... rampant racism.

In his book, The Truth About Ikea Stenebo claims that Ikea execs often refer to foreigners as ni##ers. And he claims all of Ikea's top executives come from the same small region of Sweden as Kamprad, and also characterizes Kamprad's heir apparent as an "incompetent racist."

Now, the question of course will be is this another example of someone trying to drum up interest in a book they've written or is there any merit to his claims?

Time will tell but I'll be damned if I'm not in the mood to put up a bookcase right now.

I realize it's Missouri and you want to Show Me something but... a Sonic manager in St. Joseph, MO decided to train his employees on how to handle a potentially violent situation.

So far so good...

However, said manager decided it would be best to conduct a training exercise in the middle of the day with real, live people in the restaurant. The manager actually recruited someone to stage a mugging complete with toy gun and just for kicks and giggles, had the "mugger" hold the gun to an employee's head.


Needless to say this did not sit well either with the patrons nor the police, who received numerous frantic calls from those who believed they were witnessing an actual mugging take place.

That "sonic" boom you're hearing is said manager hitting the proverbial pavement.

Here's a recent TV spot that Kodak is running as part of the "It's Time To Smile" campaign...

I think this is a great spot, very tender, endearing, etc... However not everyone shares my sense of sentimentality.

someone named Dave Bry at a website called The Awl finds this spot unnerving going so far as to invoke such words as "poltergeist, ghost and dementia." He takes it to a whole macabre level however when he wonders aloud "Is this a commercial about the victims of some grisly, long-ago mass-murder coming back to haunt the living?"

Well Dave, if I may call you Dave... I surely hope you wrote what you wrote for the sole reason of drawing attention to yourself. Because if you truly believe what you wrote... well the words "jack" and "ass" come to mind.

Sorry Dave, no offense but I have to call 'em as I see 'em.


This (below) is downright scary, disturbing and most macabre...

Believe it or not Kodak is actually using this image to sell its new dual-lens EasyShare V570 camera. Apparently having one lens of top another is supposed to be pretty cool or something.

Yeah, it's cool alright to show a genetically-altered dog, too.

What is with advertisers/companies using humans and animals in ads and creating bizarre and freakish creatures? Or when they use people to bring to life inanimate objects?

Lord, that is so freaky and I can tell you here and now whenever I see that type of "dismemberment" I immediately get turned off by both the spot and the product.

Til next time...


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