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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rock & Rant - Volume I

Welcome to Rock and Rant. The place where people can come to either rock, rant or both!

I don’t care just as long as you bring something to the table.
  • Rule #1 – No Whining. Unless you bring some cheese, save that whine for someone else.
  • Rule #2 – No profanity. I like to spew venom just like you do but I’m able to do it without resorting to the use of f-bombs or any of the other “7 dirty words you can never say on TV"
  • Rule #3 – Keep it under a million words. If you want to write War & Peace, Part II, go right ahead. But in case you haven’t noticed, ADD is rampant in our society so we need to keep all posts… what was I saying again?
Ok, enough crap, here’s my Rock & Rant - Volume I. When will Volume II be released? When I’m damn good and ready, that’s when.

For my initial salvo for Rock & Rant I am going to touch on a universal subject that pisses me off to no end.


Yeah, people. Perhaps you know some…

Ok, maybe not ALL people. But damn near close. Especially these people…

We know them. We hate them. We can’t kill them. They are the people who, when it’s their turn in line at the grocery story or department store or wherever there’s a line – suddenly remember that they actually have to pay for their purchases. Imagine that!

(Note: If my father were alive today, he'd drop dead at the sight of a cashier sitting down on the job as seen in this picture)

You wait your turn in a long line and just when you’re this close to nirvana AKA checking out… you realize your behind one of these Einsteins who, instead of getting their coupons, gift cards, money, whatever out – and ready to complete the transaction, stand their with the dumbest look on their face… DUH!!

‘Oh that’s right, today’s the day I have to pay for what I bought. Silly me.’

You just know that if you met them at a party or something, they would introduce themselves thusly...

'Hi, my name is Jonathan Ass, but you can call me Jack.'

Next comes the frantic search the pockets, wallets, purses, handbags, duffle bags and other assorted money-holding paraphernalia. All the while there you stand with a “Are you f’ing kidding me?” death stare.

Honorable mention goes to the numbnuts who do the same thing in line on the roads re: tolls, bridges, etc. They inch up in their cars, get to the toll booth and … ‘DOH! I have to pay?!’ You then see the same sort of frenetic mad rush to find the necessary currency.

Jeezus I hate these freaking people!

And speaking of drivers… Holy Moses, I could fill a fill a whole volume on my feelings toward the human race when they get behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle.

I’ll spew my venom toward all drivers on the next edition of Rock & Rant.

Til next time.



Kirsten Wright said...

I feel you on the people in the lines that can't figure out how to be prepared with money - but my people pet peeve?

People who are late.

Not the people who are late once, but those people who are PERPETUALLY late. Everytime. They are the people you tell to be there 30 minutes before you actually need them and they are still 10 minutes later than when you did need them there. I mean how hard is it really to set your alarm 30 minutes early?? It's not like you don't KNOW you're late every time. It makes absolutely zero sense to me and it's just so dang rude!

btw...I JUST realized that I wasn't subscribed to your site. I was shocked...and I apologize for just realizing it!

Lilly said...

Thats why I do my shopping online even grocery shopping. The people that annoy me are those that are leaving a carpark and get to the exit and realise that they either don't have their ticket or have not paid for their parking and thre are loads of cars now stuck behind them waiting for them to make up their mind on what to do next. ARRGGGHHHHH!!!!

Oh and there is no doubt heaps of other stuff but one things is enough at a time....and I am trying to chill and be calm these days....