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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Long A.A.R.M. of Steve O (the saga continues)

Aimless Assemblage of Rambling Musings of an
over-caffeinated, slightly ajar yet well-meaning writer.

Don't ask me how. Don't ask me why. Don't ask me for any of the medication I was taking at the time.

But today I came across this truly classic exchange between the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder... the "real" Batman & Robin...

Batman: "Nobody wants war."
Robin: "Gee, Batman. Belgravia's such a small country. We'd beat them in a few hours."
Batman: "Yes, and then we'd have to support them for years."

So why do I bring up this otherwise obscure and innocuous reference?

Because if you take out the fictional Belgravia and insert the all-too-real Iraq... see where I'm going here?

I tell you, when in doubt, look to guys in hoods and cowls for all your worldy political views, works every time.


It occurred to me as I was driving to work today that the year is 2009. Yes, I know, an astute observation. But then it hit me. Weren't we supposed to be walking on movable sidewalks and traveling via flying saucers and working for Spacely Sprockets or Cogswell Cogs by now?

I need to call someone about this. Right after I finish walking Astro, and going to the Jet Screamer concert, I'm gonna send a few telepathic missives out.

Gotta love the Republicans, of which in case you were curious, I am most definitely not one of... (bad grammar I know, sue me)

Bashing the President on a hourly (and that's a conservative estimate - pardon the pun), has become a full time job for many on the right side of the political aisle.

But have you ever noticed that whenever the GOP trots out a "strategist/consultant" it is more often than not a female of the species who is, well let's just say... easy on the eyes?

The newest one, at least I never heard of this person before, is Noelle Nikpour, who well... let's just read what's posted on ArkansasBusiness.com:

"Back in August, Method Creative Group of Little Rock announced that it had been hired by "international political consultant and strategist" Noelle Nikpour of Little Rock to develop a Web site and "to manage publicity and marketing strategy for her forthcoming media brand."

"...her forthcoming media brand?"

Hmmm... you mean THIS media brand?

Yeah, that's Ms. Nikpour in all her ahem... political glory. Alas, the site was taken down as I suppose clearer heads prevailed.

Party poopers...

But seriously, I know this is a Democratic President but c'mon, it's not like it's Silly Billy's in the Oval Office.

Whatever happened to Lifesavers? Do they still make them? Never see any ads for them or anything. I used to love the Cherry flavored ones.

Oh well...

Til next time.


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