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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Return of The Not-So-Fab-Five

It's been a while, too long... but The Not-So-Fab-Five is alive... and well. For those of you new to The Steve O-Zone, here's the N-S-F-F lineup.

What brings us together on this day is to share our (very) learned opinions on whom we deem as induction-worthy into the Sports Mt. Rushmore - Pennsylvania edition. Recently the "experts" at ESPN have been creating their own version for each individual state... but we all know they're clueless and you deserve to hear it from people like us, who actually live, breathe, work, and are intimately familiar with the Keystone State's sports landscape and its rich history.

Here now is The Not-So-Fab-Five's selections into the Sports Mt. Rushmore - Pennsylvania edition:
Jack Ham. He is the only football player in both the college and professional football Halls of Fame to have played his entire career (i.e., scholastic – Bishop McCort HS in Wetsmont, PA through pros – Steelers) all in one state. That and he’s a founding member of Linebacker U, AKA Penn St. Plus, he has a cool, simple name, unlike Fred Rock Cornish Hen.

Arnold Palmer. Born in Latrobe, PA, Palmer is arguably golf's most recognizable name, except for anyone not named Tiger Woods, and changed the way this country views golf. Plus he made some pretty cool commercials with his tractor and has a very delicious and refreshing drink named after him.

Chuck Bednarik. All-American at Penn. The last 60-minute man in the NFL (LB and C) for the last Eagles championship team, which is the only team ever to beat a Vince Lombardi-coached Green Bay Packers team in a playoff game.

Wilt Chamberlain. He scored 100 points in one game in Hershey, PA attended by well over 7 million people (at last count)...because he revolutionized the game of basketball and because he bedded over 20,000 women (and not one female impersonator in the bunch)...and last but certainly not least, because he played a pivotal supporting role in Conan the Barbarian II.

Joe Montana. Far too many records to list here but here’s all you need to know: 4 Super Bowl wins. Only 3-time Super Bowl MVP. Holds six Super Bowl passing records. Named to the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team. Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And only player in NFL history to see a town change its name in his honor. In 1993, the town of Ismay, Montana (population 22) changed its name to Joe.


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Anonymous said...

Great list, but it feels incomplete without a baseball player on there. I nominate any one of the following:
Dick Allen
Roy Campanella
Joe Dugan
Jimmy Dykes
Del Ennis
Ken Griffey (Sr. and Jr.)
Reggie Jackson (that's a slam dunk)
Tommy LaSorda
Sparky Lyle
Christy Mathewson
Jamie Moyer
Danny Murtaugh
Stan Musial
Mike Scioscia
Honus Wagner
Hack Wilson

Great site. Love the takedown of the Eskin-Banner interview. I thought it was a joke.